Wedding Photos

A few photographs from our 1920's inspired wedding on September 18, 2010 at the West Virginia State Capitol.  A fun day full of feathers, flappers and ragtime, see!
 Above:  My Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids and Junior Bridesmaid a.k.a. the Flappers!
 Above:  Me and my beloved entering our reception.
 Above:  All of the wedding party looking good!
 Above: Me, my mom and stepdad.
 Above: Me and my dad.
Above:  Me and my bro.
 Above: Here we are patiently waiting for the ceremony to begin.
Above:  One of our feather girls checkin' out our 1920's inspired silent film poster.
Above: Here I am with a my feather girls gettin' our Zumba on at the reception.
Above: Love this pic of us at the ceremony.
Above:  I saw our wedding attire strewn across the bed and thought in landed so perfectly so I had to capture it.
Above: On our way to the reception.
Above: My brother.
Above:  Supa Gangsta Barry and a Feather Girl.

 Above:  Barry and my mamaw.
 Above:  Our ceremony site.
 Above:  My Junior Bridesmaid and one of the Feather Girls.
 Above:  Bridesmaids and Junior Bridesmaid.
 Above: Me and the gals vamping it up!
 Above: Me.
 Above:  Me and the little ones.
 Above:  Me watching another bride having photos taken.  How dare she on MY day :).
 Above:  Me and a Feather Girl.
 Above:  All of our peeps.
Above:  Me and Barry.  We look like we're up to something.
Above:  Me and my honey with our cake.

Above:  The Article in the Belfast Sunday Life about our love story and my book!

And, last but not least:  The silent film Barry and I created to play before we were announced into the reception.  Actually, the DJ announced us but we didn't enter.  Instead, we played this film before entering.  It made for a fun surprise to our guests.  Click below to view The Wedding Train (It wouldn't embed properly from YouTube):