Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Record breaker

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to participate in a world record breaker attempt for the largest outdoor exercise circuit class.  The Guinness book of world record holders were located in Maryland, so I was breaking a record from my home country, but it was fun to take part in.  And, if you were wondering, yes we broke the record with 463 participants.  Here are some pics:

Me doing a Zumba demo before the record attempt at the health fair:
 The paper:

Friday, May 25, 2012

Worst flight ever?

Two weeks away from what will only be known as the WORST FLIGHT IN ALL OF HISTORY!  Yes, in two weeks, we will officially take Isla to America to meet all her family and friends there.  (If anyone from Zumba reads this, fear not!  The evening Zumba classes will be not be cancelled!  I have someone to fill in for me in the evening, so classes will go on as normal.  The morning classes, however, will be cancelled for three weeks while I'm away, since I have no one to cover those for me...stay tuned in class for more info :)

Now, I'm definitely looking forward to getting home, but I'm not looking forward to the long trans-Atlantic flight with our nearly four month old baby.  Especially given that she's a teeny bit temperamental (she gets that from her daddy.)  And, it's two weeks away until Barry and I officially become "that couple."  The couple who bring a screaming baby on a plane.  We always hated that couple.  But, it's gotta be done.  She could surprise us and be a perfect angel, but I doubt it.  But, here's hoping anyway.  My brother had an interesting idea.  He said, before the flight takes off, we should grab the speaker and just apologize in advance to all the passengers for what we can only describe as the worst flight they will ever take, since they will likely have to endure poor Isla's wails throughout the journey.  I'll hold up this picture, so they can familiarize themselves with what lie ahead:

We've got a busy trip ahead of us, and we're really looking forward to the food that will fuel our busy days.  Yes, if you have read my blog, then you know I'm a Taco Bell fanatic and I want to eat it all day every day (but I won't because Barry doesn't like it, which is just a sin and should be punishable by law IMO).

Anyway, not too much going on here in Derry.  It's been a while since I posted on my blog, so I wanted to just post and ramble a bit and I'm hoping if I talk about Taco Bell enough, maybe I'll get a free taco or something from all the free advertising they're getting from me.  Taco Bell Taco Bell Taco Bell Taco Bell...you want to give me free tacos...and maybe a burrito...yes you do...

So, we are in a super awesome heatwave here in Derry with temps getting up into the 70s the past few days.  In fact, I actually have a bit of sunburn from being at the beach today, which I never thought would happen...a sunburn in Ireland.  I draw that conclusion based on the fact that since I moved here 15 months ago, I've lived like a duck.  So, the fact that I got a sunburn today was superfly.

Okay, well with nothing else going on here, I'm off to bed.  I'm helping Derry break a world record with the largest circuit class tomorrow.  We need nearly 400 people to break the record, so wish us luck!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Elevator snatchers

I suppose it's now that I have a baby that I notice these things, but since I have noticed these things, I can't stop myself from bitching about them now.  Let's talk about it--inconsiderate assholes.  Now, there are soooooo many types of inconsiderate assholes out there, but I'm referring to one in particular right now.  And, that particular type of asshole is one who cares or pays absolutely no attention to a pram. I'm going to create a special name for them...now, I'm not going to be really creative about this special name, because honestly, I have a baby and I'm tired.  My creativity is flip-flopping everywhere.  So, they are called inconsiderate about prams assholes (I told you it wouldn't be great). I'm going to do this Jeff Foxworthy, you might be a redneck style.

 You might be an inconsiderate about prams asshole if:

  • You speed up when you see a pram crossing the street.  This has happened several times.  Sometimes we aren't using the Zebra crossings, and I can perhaps slightly understand a motorist's annoyance at that, but the times when we ARE using Zebra crossings and people nearly clip the tires of the pram because God forbid they slow down, well that just makes you a prick. 
  • You have two normal, working legs and yet you still insist upon taking the elevator in the shopping centre instead of the escalator.  It's an escalator...you don't have to move...it moves YOU and it is LITERALLY TWO FEET AWAY from the elevator!  Catch yourself on and let the person with the pram have your space on the elevator. You can't take prams on escalators...duh!
  • You happen to take the elevator (even though you have two wonderfully working legs) and the elevator stops half way between where you started and your final destination and you see a woman with a pram trying to get in the elevator because there IS room and you push the door close button while the woman is getting in the elevator and the doors shut ON THE PRAM while you mutter that there is no room.  Well, you're not just a prick for that, you're going to burn in hell.  In case you can't tell, this just happened to us in Belfast this past Wednesday.
I admit, I didn't notice prams much before I had a baby, but I'm certain I didn't do any of the above because I used a bit of sense.  In fact, the only time I probably noticed another pram before having a baby is when I was nearly run over by them because the folks pushing the prams don't stop or even pretend to care if they run over your toes.  I'm happy to say that Barry and I have not turned into those types of pram pushers yet, but the next time you take our spot on an elevator even though you have no pram, wheelchair or other type of physical impairment, look out.  We may just run over you with our Graco Mosaic all-in-one.  

Happy Monday!