Monday, February 27, 2012

Devil thy name is colic

Two weeks after moving in to our new digs, we finally have the last box unpacked.  Thank God!  That was the longest two weeks eva!  Little Isla definitely makes herself a priority.  She made sure she came before any unpacking was done.  She also makes sure she wakes up and screams right as we're getting ready to eat dinner.  Barry and I now eat in shifts. Which brings me to another topic:  Colic.  Colic = the Devil.  It appears our Isla has become, over the past four days, a bit of a colicky baby, which yes sucks for us because we have to endure the crying that we unfortunately can do nothing for, but even worse, sucks for her because we know she's just not feeling well and again seems there's nothing mommy and daddy can do to help.

We've tried just about everything:  baby massage techniques, Infacol drops, soothing formula (which why they don't make ALL baby formula soothing is baffling to me...), Dr. Brown's colic bottles, cool boiled water, burping her in every position possible.  We have even started thinking about doing some of the odd suggestions we get from those we talk to on colic cures...including holding her upside down or swinging her from her feet and making the sign of the cross as this is done (which kind of sounds exorcist-y...yes, that's a word).  It also reminds me of this video I saw once before and has since scarred me for life.  It's a disturbing video I will say before you watch warned!  I know you'll watch anyway but I did warn you!

But, when you see this little face, it sort of makes you forget about the colic cries.

Me and Isla.

Isla and her daddy.  She's defo Barry's double.  

Monday, February 20, 2012

We are such liars

Well, I guess I may as well just come clean about this.  Truth is Barry and I knew we were having a girl all along.  Hehe.  See, Barry's mom and dad didn't want to know what the gender of the baby was, so we had no choice but to keep it a secret...well, kind of a secret.  The sex of the baby was kept secret from everyone here in Derry, but everyone in America knew it was a girl.  Sorrrrrry Derry folks!!! We had no choice and couldn't say to one person otherwise the news would have gotten back to Barry's parents and then they wouldn't have been surprised on the sex of the baby.  I hope you understand...we couldn't help it especially since news travels like wildfire in Derry...forgive us?

Taken in Buncrana, Ireland October 2011.

Anyway, I've been dying to post pictures of my baby shower that my friends and family had for me in America when I was home over Christmas and now I can since the whole world now knows we have a precious baby girl.  It was super cute and nursery rhyme themed.  Check out the shiznit, huh?

Friday, February 17, 2012

A star is born

Holy Schnikey!  What a friggin' week!  Wellllll, in case you don't already know, baby Isla Grace Concannon arrived last Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 5:52am weighing in at 6lb and 11oz.  She was born after 24 hours of labor at Altnagelvin Area Hospital in Derry, Ireland. 

For everyone that told me that labor would be a piece of cake because I was soooo fit from Zumba, let me just say you were WRONG!!!!  That was the most excruciating pain that I've ever endured!!!  Not to mention, the Nazi nurse midwife I had a row with in the postnatal ward didn't add to the experience. I'll expand on these experiences later, but for now this is just a short post.

Not to worry though, any headache or labor pain I had was well worth it because it brought me a perfect little girl.  Oh, and Barry and I thought it would be a good idea to move house the SAME day we brought our baby home.  Yes, we love stress.  My blood pressure hates me right now.  Say hello to Isla...

And, our new house...