Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catheters are great

Barry was in the hospital this week for surgery.  He had to share his room with three other men.  They were older gentlemen all in for different things, but the one thing they had in common was a catheter.  Barry was actually the only one in the room that didn't have to have a catheter.  What follows is a catheter tale.

The night before surgery, Barry was lying in his bed.  One of the roommates (we'll call him Theo) had just returned from surgery.  They were chatting and then suddenly Theo starting making noises.  Something along the lines of "ummmm...errrrrrr."  Barry asked what was wrong.  Theo then asked each man in the room if they had in catheters.  Two of them responded that they did and Barry said no.  They asked him why.  Theo said, "Oh, I thought I had one.  I just wet the bed."  Poor guy.  Although they had a nice laugh over it, I suppose the hospital staff should always tell you when you are catheter free.

The conversation remained on catheters.  Another man in the room (we'll call him Duke), starting talking about catheters.  "Catheters are great.  You don't have to get up to use the toilet," he says.  If you ask me, I'd say I'd prefer to get up to use the bathroom, but whatever you say Duke.  But, Duke didn't stop there...oh no.  He continues, "The only problem with him is that you can't get an erection and you can't go to the beach when you have a catheter."  Um, whaaaaaa?  Because the two go so perfectly together...erections and beaches?  And, do you normally get erections at the beach?  Totally confused by that one.  I'm hoping he meant because you can't go the beach with a pee bag (that's the medical terminology for it, too) attached to you, but hey, you never know.  Maybe he's like this guy:

Google Image Search (Yes, I searched for the term "beach erections.")

So there you go.  Catheters are great except when it comes to those pesky beach erections.


  1. LOL, I had to stop over and read this when I saw it on my Facebook today, what a great story! Thanks for sharing the giggle with us all this morning. I can't believe you actually even found that picture, isn't the internet just full of surprises!?!?! ;)

  2. HAHAHA...This was too funny! Got to love those hot men with erections at the beach....a pee bag would make them so much hotter in my eyes!


  3. I am impressed you google image-d (I know that's not a verb, but I just made it one!) that--I would have been scared to look at some of the images that came up :)

    Hope Barry's surgery went well and that he recovers quickly!

  4. You got a giggle out of this old lady today- thanks

  5. Oh my gosh! You made me snort. LOL

  6. @Coupon--That was a tamer one too
    @Theo--woo hoo lol!
    @Denise--Happy to help!
    @KT--He's doing much better now!
    @Tales--Almost irresistible really.