Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Isla hosted her first Halloween shin-dig this past Halloween by throwing what was to be a pumpkin-decorating party.  However, Tesco decided to not order enough pumpkins this year, so they ran out.  Perhaps we shouldn't have waited until October 30th to go shopping for pumpkins, but we did.  So, what was to be a pumpkin-decorating party turned in to a cupcake-decorating and scary mask- decorating party.

Let me give you a little math problem.  One house + 9 children between the ages of 8 months and 12 years old=Lesley with very high blood pressure at the mess made by 9 children and cupcake and mask making supplies. 

Anyway, it turned out to be a fun little afternoon where, yes, several messes were made, but, more importantly a bunch of little kiddos (technically it was Minnie Mouse, a Ninja, an Angel, a Police Officer, Snow White, Tigger and a few other kiddos) got to walk away with a teeny smile on their face mixed in with a little cupcake frosting...but, not to worry...the smiles and frosting were hid by their masks:)

Enjoy the picture story of this afternoon:
The before pic
Working on the cupcakes

A little mask decorating

More mask decorating

Baby Tigger

Cupcake anyone?
The after shots.  This blanket was thrown out.  There was more glitter, glue and sequins on it than on Liberace's finest cape.


After pic

Now, finish the joke:  So, an angel and Minnie Mouse walk into a bar...

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