Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bang tidy facts

Fact (said Dwight Schrute style.  If you don't know who Dwight Schrute is and how he says "Fact," then the rest of this post will be odd to you.): Isla has 4 teeth and she grinds them together constantly. 

Fact: This tiny little noise by this tiny little person and these tiny little teeth is driving two big people verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry crazy. 

Fact: I'm considering chopping my ears off if it continues.

Fact:  Isla is crawling now and I'm certain she will think her name is "No," not Isla.  Why is it babies always crawl towards things that will kill them (like outlets, Christmas lights and extension leads) and not towards safe things like their toys?  When she's crawling, she moves like the old people did on our Alaskan cruise honeymoon when the buffet opened (in case you're's pretty fast...but they only moved fast when there was a buffet involved...any other time it was a scene from The Walking Dead)!

Fact:  We are heading to West Virginia for Isla's first Christmas, so we celebrated our wee family Christmas last weekend.  Santa even came early.  He's a clever, fat man to know to come early, but he did.  And, Isla's very first Christmas pressie from Santa:

Now, she didn't play with this too long.  You see, I got a new robe from Santa, too.  So, the ribbon that was tied around my new robe proved to be THE BEST THING EVER in her eyes and therefore became her toy of choice. 

Here she is on one of her many adventures to the Christmas tree which she isn't allowed to play with, however, she was so enamored by the ornament in this photo, I hadn't the heart to yank her away from it:

Fact:  Cats love Santa hats.

Fact: Now that I can understand the Keith Lemon accent...I can't get enough of Celebrity Juice.  LOVE IT!  Now, that's bang tidy!

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