Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meanwhile in Siberia

...we're enjoying the lovely Spring weather here in SiberIreland  (get it?  Siberia + Ireland = SiberIreland).  Yes, Spring has sprung in Ireland and honestly, I didn't know it was supposed to snow in Spring and reach below freezing temperatures for days and weeks on end!  But, like they say...every day's a school day!  So, welcome Spring, I can't wait to build a snowman...ya Dick!

In other news, we've reached the point where it's time to start reprimanding Isla because she's now at the stage of misbehaving and pushing and pushing to see what she can get away with.  Basically, she's trying to see if she can make her puppet parents dance.  I'll admit, I'm sure she does on some things, but I think Barry and I have been pretty good at keeping her reprimanding consistent.  Well, except for when we want to laugh at each other.  I mean, come on!  When Isla does something she isn't supposed to and Barry responds with,  "Isla, no!  Daddy beat!" well, what reaction and I'm supposed to have?  Baaaahahahhahhahaahah....DADDY BEAT!  How silly does that sound? I have to laugh, which makes Isla laugh which basically makes us look like imbeciles to our one year old.  So, "Daddy Beat!" has become a joke in our house now. 

Additionally, it seems as if Isla only wants to do things and get into things that will kill her.  That's basically what I mean when I say she's misbehaving.  She's trying to kill herself I think.  For example, she just loves the only accessible wall outlet in the living room.  She has even figured out how to remove the child proof cover and she has tried to see if she could fit a straw in the tiny little outlet holes.  Barry and I have become friggin' defenders of the outlet for most of the day.  Each of us taking shifts to guard the outlet and make sure it's not poked and prodded by a baby and her tools. 

When we're not defending the wall outlet, we're defending our television as she has grown fond of pulling herself up on the television stand and shaking it back and forth causing the TV to shake back and forth.  Now, if I lose my television and access to Celebrity Juice, well I don't know that I could recover from something like that. 

I'm away for now, it's only 12 hours until Barry and I put back on our defenders of the outlet and TV uniforms!  Happy Easter!

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