Monday, April 29, 2013

A bobby pin shocked me

This blew my mind today:

Am I simple?  Am I the only one who thought it was the other way?  How can I be 32 years old and not know the right way to use a bobby pin?  I'm ashamed of myself.  Once I saw this picture, I went upstairs and pulled out my bobby pin stash and actually put one in my hair the correct way...and it was like night and day!  These things actually work!  All this time I thought it was a load of crap! 

Other than being astonished by bobby pins, I'm so busy at the minute.  To think I started this year off saying to Barry that I have nothing planned and now I'm up to my neck in stuff.  This week is especially a killer.  I'm competing in a Strictly Come Dancing-style competition on Friday (to my American friends...a Dancing with the Stars-style competition) then I have a Zumbathon beginning first thing Saturday morning.  This, in addition to my other classes and the practicing for the competition.   Plus, I've decided to make this the week to start a 3-day herbal life trial.  This sucks.  I miss food.  I'm on day one.  No food makes me wanna kill dead things!  Will I make it to day 3?  I don't know. 

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  1. This is something I totally just learned living here in Ireland too!! I wonder if my American friends even know or was I just missing something....