Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seven pineapples can make you give birth

Another ultrasound yesterday of baby breech revealed a shocker!  The baby was not breech...so, my cute little nickname of baby breech will have to change.  I'll just be creative and change it to baby non-breech...that's a word, right?  So, good news!

Now, we just have to wait two weeks at least to be able to see baby non-breech.  Although, I'm not sure I'm going to make it that long.  The sleepless nights are getting to me.  As the three other males in the house (Barry and the two cats, of course) snooze away during the night, I'm left awake to struggle to find something to do because it certainly isn't sleeping.  There are only so many things on the Internet you can look at and so many reruns of CSI or Law &Order you can watch before you're ready to put your head through a wall.  Oh, and as of right now, baby non-breech weighs nearly 7lbs!  With two weeks left to go and the typical rule that babies gain a half a pound a week in the last trimester until their born, I'm quite concerned the baby is going to be larger than my body can cope with...ouchie.

So, since I'm not too keen on waiting much longer, I've decided to see if some of these old wives tales about inducing labor on your own work.  Some of these were given to Barry and I at are last prenatal class as well.  Although, I don't know that I'm willing to try all of them. Here are some:

  • Eating seven fresh pineapples all at the same time.  I have a feeling that a baby wouldn't be the only thing I was giving birth to if I were to do this if you know what I mean.  Hmm...I wonder if seven pineapple upside down cakes would work instead?
  • Castor oil.  Um, no.
  • Eating spicy curries.  Well, I hate curry, so that's not going to work.  I'm sure spicy anything would work, but I'm wondering just how much I'm willing to put my mouth and acid reflux through just to kick start the process.
  • Sex.  Well, it makes sense.  The same thing that got me in the situation could get me out.  Sort of like coming full circle.
  • Washing the front door step.  Well, to be honest the front door could use some cleaning, but we don't have a step.  I supposed I could wash the sidewalk in front of the front door, but perhaps the rain will do it for me instead because I just couldn't be bothered with that.
  • Walking.  I'm so uncomfortable walking right now.  Does 9 hours of Zumba a week not replace the walking?
  • A hot bath...okay, now that I can handle.
So, anyway, I guess I should stop complaining and get doing some of these things.

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  1. All the pregger ladies that come into my shop always ask for/buy raspberry leaf tea.

    Give it a go.