Monday, February 20, 2012

We are such liars

Well, I guess I may as well just come clean about this.  Truth is Barry and I knew we were having a girl all along.  Hehe.  See, Barry's mom and dad didn't want to know what the gender of the baby was, so we had no choice but to keep it a secret...well, kind of a secret.  The sex of the baby was kept secret from everyone here in Derry, but everyone in America knew it was a girl.  Sorrrrrry Derry folks!!! We had no choice and couldn't say to one person otherwise the news would have gotten back to Barry's parents and then they wouldn't have been surprised on the sex of the baby.  I hope you understand...we couldn't help it especially since news travels like wildfire in Derry...forgive us?

Taken in Buncrana, Ireland October 2011.

Anyway, I've been dying to post pictures of my baby shower that my friends and family had for me in America when I was home over Christmas and now I can since the whole world now knows we have a precious baby girl.  It was super cute and nursery rhyme themed.  Check out the shiznit, huh?

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