Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eggs eggs eggs

Happy Easter everyone!  This year, I'm egged out.  Since it is Isla's first Easter, I decided to make a family favorite--my grandmother's peanut butter and chocolate Easter eggs.  She has made these eggs every Easter as long as I can remember and this year, I wanted to make one for Isla.  Yes, even though she has no teeth and can't eat it, I still made her one (hmm...I wonder who will do the honors of devouring this sweet treat?).  I made Isla one and one for Barry and then I made them for all of Barry's nieces as well, just because I'm wile good (as said in Derry).  I'm pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  Take a look:

We also went and had Isla's picture taken with serial killer bunny, er, I mean the Easter bunny.  Take a look and tell me he doesn't look like he belongs in the movie, "It" based on the Stephen King novel.

Have a closer look at Isla's face. She wasn't impressed and if she could speak I'm sure she was saying, "Are we done with this creep yet?"

But, at least she had a pretty dress for the picture.  My mom sent her this dress from America:

Barry and I also thought Isla would look cute in a pair of bunny ears.  But, she didn't agree:

At least the Easter Bunny was good to her, even if she doesn't like his ears:

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