Monday, April 2, 2012

Long distance party planning

Last Saturday was my friend's bridal shower.  As Matron of Honor (I prefer the term Maid of Honor but seeing as how I'm married now that isn't technically proper I guess....poo), it is part of my job to host the bridal shower.  It proved to be a bit difficult, especially since I'm so far away from the bride-to-be, but I think it was pulled off okay.  I co-hosted with my friend's fiance's mom and sister.  And, since I needed a USA liaison to help do my planning, I enlisted the help of my friend's fiance who was more than pleased to help.  In fact, he came up with the cute idea to have the bride to be where a Hawaiian grass skirt at the shower (it was a Hawaiian-themed shower so it made sense...they're going to Hawaii for their honeymoon).

So, with the help of Mr. Bride-to-be and the other co-hosts, the shower was a success.  But, the most impressive part of the shower I believe was the cake.  I emailed this picture to the cake lady of what I wanted...just something I found online:

And, here's the cake she made:

I have to say I was rather impressed.  I hear it tasted wonderful, too.  If only I were there to get a piece.

Here are more photos of the shower.  These are the only ones I have...they were sent quickly by the bride's fiance as he scurried about delivering all the decorations and other items I had shipped to him.

Sucks I wasn't able to be there, but waiting on lil miss Isla's passports (either Irish or USA...whichever one comes first), proved to take longer than expected so I had to miss out.  Boo.

At least I'll get to be there for the wedding in June.

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