Saturday, July 7, 2012

3 weeks in America

Three weeks in America have come and gone and we're now back in Derry swapping the 100 degree weather for well...not 100 degree weather.  Although, it appears as if we left the States at just the right time considering nearly everyone at home is without power and will be for possibly the  next five days after a massive storm on Friday.  Anyone fancy 100 degree weather five days with no air conditioning?

We were actually supposed to be filming an episode of House Hunters International while we were in America.  The show contacted us in February after we moved to our new house and we initially agreed to filming the show, but once we learned what was involved in the filming, we were certain we couldn't do it and have the proper amount of time to spend with friends and family, so we had to refuse the show, unfortunately.

Anyway, it was a very enjoyable three weeks where we barely had time to remember to breathe. Isla had to meet all her friends and family in West Virginia and since she can't drive yet, Barry and I had to take her.  It made me wonder if she realized that everyone in West Virginia sounded like her mommy and everyone in Derry sounds like her daddy?

We arrived in Charleston wearing matching Ireland shirts.  Why? I dunno.  I guess we thought it would be funny but I think we looked ridiculous?
Barry and Isla in their shirts.  I'm taking the pic so you can't see me:)

My car.  I miss my lil red car.  212,000 miles and still purrs like a kitten.

My mom's house.

We kicked off our visit with a cookout on my mom's deck when we landed and a sleuth of visitors waiting to see little Zumba baby in the flesh.  Yes, the have seen her on Facebook since I have a strong need to incessantly post photos of my lil bugger, but in the flesh is always better.
Salmon on the grill.
Isla with her Papaw.

Isla with her Uncle.

Isla with her Nana.

Isla with her Great-grandmother.

Barry got to see fireflies for the first time that night or as we call them at home...plain 'ol lightning bugs.  Isla was greeted with more swings, toys, rockers and walkers than an orphanage would have but, I think she got to use nearly all of them.  No, my mom has the task of returning all the baby stuff to their original owners.

Sooooo, what else did we do?

Barry went to Pittsburgh with my brother to help him move furniture from his condo and he got to enjoy the culinary masterpiece that is Primanti Bros (famous for massive sandwiches filled with lotsa stuff and topped of with a load of french fries), while I attended the bachelorette party of my friend.

We visited the flesh-eating disease that is rotting America: hurts so good.

We took a drive up to Hawk's Nest, W.V. and around the area:

New River Gorge Bridge, W.V.

View from Hawk's Nest, W.V.

W.V. waterfall on the way to Hawk's Nest.

We paid a visit to my mom's office, where we were confronted by her new office wallpaper:

I wonder if she has any pictures of Isla?

In case you're wondering...yes, I did have some Taco Bell...but, only four times!
Mexican pizza at Taco Bell.

We spent some time at Glade Springs Resort where my friend got married and where I was told I had  a great Irish accent after giving my Matron of Honor speech.  The poor woman thought I was from Ireland...I don't know if she just assumed it because I said I was living here or if she truly thought I had an Irish accent.  In case of the latter, I need to be bumpin' up my West Virginia accent a bit more.  I wonder if they make a Rosetta Stone for that?

Me at the wedding.

Barry with his fan club at the wedding.  They just loved his accent.

After the wedding,  we headed to Myrtle Beach, S.C for some R&R on the coast.  The water wa a balmy 87 and the temperature was about 96...super love it.

View from the North Myrtle Beach condo we stayed in.

Barefoot Landing, North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Barry managed to eat like he was on death row the whole three weeks.  I tried my best to not do that since I gain weight everywhere including my ear lobes when I eat like that.

Barry eating donuts at Krispy Kreme.

Barry eating frozen yogurt at Tropical Moon.

Barry having a late night McDonald's milkshake.

Barry's chili cheese fries and side, um...regular fries at Wendy's.
And, while Barry was eating all this, Isla ate...well, her foot.

Isla got enough clothes to last her a's unfortunate that she will outgrow them so fast!
Our suitcases on the way back.  Most of these were full of new clothes for Isla.  We even had to ship a box over!
Before we left, we made a stop at Kroger where we were surprised to see this section.  All the stuff you would find in a Derry grocery store.  This was a new section at Kroger in the international section.  For a minute, I thought I was in Tesco.

Isla didn't scream on the airplane on the way over...but, on the way back she did.  It amused me the woman behind me suggested that I try a pacifier because here ears were popping.  Really?  As if I didn't know that.  Thank you Mrs. State-The-Obvious.  We tried it, she kept spitting it out.

Isla on the plane.  Fear of flying? Or, maybe shock over the lady's suggestion of a pacifier?

We returned home and awaited my birthday (well, maybe it was just me that awaited it since I was super excited about the gift Barry was giving me).  For my birthday, I wanted ten hours in the house all to myself...just me and the cats, so I could catch up on TV and watch girly movies without being disturbed.  I know it does sound a little selfish, but it was my birthday!

And, that's where I'll leave you.  Back in Derry, but we're keeping the W.V. represented here.

Our new WV sticker on our Derry window.

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