Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Someone thinks he's pretty darn perfect

In the goody box my mom sent me yesterday, in addition to the food (I'm already through one bag of York Peppermint Patties by the way...sigh), there was a pregnancy journal.  You are supposed to fill the journal out throughout pregnancy to remember how you were feeling etc.  The journal has the items that you would expect to be in there...a place to put the ultrasound picture, keep track of your cravings, monitor your weight gain (yeah as if I want to remember that...that space is staying blank).

There is one section however that asks us to list the traits from me and Barry that we hope the baby doesn't get and a section where we list the traits we hope the baby does get.  I started filling them out starting with the traits we hope that the baby does get.  Barry was first.  His passable traits to name a few included his sense of humor, outgoing personality and  fast metabolism.  I struggled with mine, but Barry was able to help out.  My passable traits included my eyes, creativity and skin.

Next were the traits we didn't want to pass on to the baby.  Piece of cake.  I started rolling those bad boys out for me...because, we always see the bad stuff in ourselves, right?  Mine included my crooked teeth (which are now fixed thanks to years of braces), terrible eyesight (which thankfully can be fixed with my contact lenses...otherwise...whoa...can't see anything) and my shy personality.  Please note that there were only 3 spaces to fill in the traits otherwise the list could have gone on and on...and, I wouldn't have even had to really think about them.  I guess I could list all my other traits I didn't want passed on to the baby here, but why depress myself.

Now, it's Barry's turn to list all the bad traits about himself he doesn't want passed on to the baby.  Most people have no problem identifying their bad traits, as you can see from me above.  Well, apparently Barry is the exception.  He STRUGGLED to think of bad things about himself.  The conversation went a little something like this:

Me:  "Okay, now what bad things about yourself do you hope the baby doesn't get?"
Barry:  Silence.
Me:  I mute the television (Family Guy was on and getting his attention during Family Guy is, well, very difficult to say the least).  "Hello, so what bad things about yourself do you hope the baby doesn't get?"
Barry: "Oh, right...okay.  Hmm...let me see here.  Oooo...hmmm.  That's a good question."
Me: Rolling my eyes. "Seriously?"
Barry:  "What?"
Me:  "You can't think of anything bad about yourself at all?"
Barry: "Hmm...well.  Let me think."
Me:  I stare at him sarcastically.
Barry: Laughing."What? I guess I'm pretty perfect then."
Me:  "Oh, please." Throwing up in my mouth a little.

Let's hope the baby gets Barry's self-confidence.


  1. York's are pretty good! I hope everything is going well, it's been a while since I've been by your site. Too many sites to catch up on!

  2. hahaha, this made me laugh :) I think guys in general have a harder time than us at thinking up their not so desirable traits :)

  3. Found you through Little Blog of Blogs. You make me laugh :) Looking forward to following you!

  4. Great story - one to add to the book :) Happy to have found you via the blog hop. XOL

  5. You would think he would just ramble something off so he could get back to Family Guy. ;)
    The conversation made me smile.

  6. That is too funny!! Thank you for the chuckle!!