Monday, October 17, 2011

The Yankees are coming

Actually, they already came and went.  I've been MIA from my blog lately because I had my mom and brother over visiting.  T'was a busy ten days.

Me, mom and Joe in Buncrana, Ireland

In Buncrana, Ireland

In Buncrana, Ireland
Barry, mom and Joe at Mussendon Temple

Mom and Joe at Mussendon Temple


It was windy.

At Mussendon Temple

Barry and Mom terrorizing the sheep.

Joe likey Guinness.

Mom not so much.

Me and B-Dizzle.
 I also had the pleasure of being a "celebrity" judge for Dance Fever 2011 last Friday.  It as for charity and just a bit of fun.

Me on the judges panel.

Although, the judges choice for winner did not win!  Since the winner was chosen  by a mixture of judges scores and audience scores, we weren't sure who was going to win.  But, I have a feeling the audience was made up of more men than women because...well, you'll see.  This is the group that won the competition:
The Burlesque dancers.  Winners of the 2011 Dance Fever competition.  Dupont Charity Night.

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  1. That dance contest looks like it was tons of fun!
    And I'm looking at those chilly windy photos and am preparing myself... three weeks until I'm back in Ireland!