Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A gaggle of spiders

If you recall this post, you'll remember how much I hate spiders.  Nothing has changed...I still hate them.  Death to spiders.

So, last night I came home from Bingo (I'll pause now long enough for you to get a little giggle in about me going to Bingo)...


Yes, I've been going to Bingo with a couple of girls from my Zumba class on Monday nights.  I haven't won yet...but, I'm expecting to any day now!

Anyway, I came home from Bingo and walked in to the kitchen where I was greeted by this:
Well, technically it wasn't a tarantula but it might as well have been!  It was the size of a quarter or a 10p.

Naturally, I froze before calling Barry from his peaceful slumber.  He stumbled in to confront the beast.  But, see, he didn't want to kill it.  He was going to just pick it up in a paper towel and throw it out the window.  So, in the process of gingerly picking up the spider in a paper towel he dropped it!  Uh, yeah!  Dropped it!!!  Not only did he drop it, but it was so big, the spider actually made a "thud" noise as it hit the ground!  Seriously!

Luckily, he was able to pick it up and get it out of the house before I lost my shit.  But, I still didn't rest easy last night.  I dreamed of spiders all night.  They were falling on me from the sky.

Barry says that spiders don't travel in packs or groups, but I think he's wrong.  To prove him wrong I decided to Google the topic today to see if in fact spiders travel alone or in pairs or perhaps they travel in gaggles...I dunno.  A gaggle of spiders?  Yeah, I think I've heard of that before.  I didn't tell him I was searching the topic.

It just so turned out today that when I Googled the topic, I was using Barry's laptop and became distracted during my search and forgot to close out the web page.  So, when Barry used his computer again, it was still up there.

About ten minutes later, I receive this email from my wonderful, dear husband complete with photographs:

Dear Mrs Concannon,

we have since reviewed your internet activity and our committee has come to the conclusion that your 'net' privileges should be hereby suspended.  We feel also that due to your incessant coughing and general rowdiness at night that you should in future sleep in the street with the spiders. As to your query i have enclosed two photographs which
A. Pose the original question and
B. Answer the aforementioned question.
We at Google endeavour to answer any and all questions no matter how idiotic.

Thank you very much indeed.

And here are the photos that accompanied the email:

A screenshot of my Google search Barry took to prove I was busted I guess. The terms I searched for were "Do spiders travel alone?"

And, a photo that proves spiders do travel alone...although this doesn't really count.  I didn't ask Google if Spider Man travels alone!

He mentions the incessant coughing and general rowdiness in the email because my acid reflux has flared up big time thanks to being pregnant and my general rowdiness is simply because the acid reflux keeps me awake all night and I get bored so I make noise at night I suppose.  Eh, oh well.

And, if you're wondering...some spiders do travel in pairs!  Sleep easy.


  1. Haha, that is pretty cute he sent you that. I am sure you won't be haunted by too many other spiders. Or at least for your sake, I hope not!

  2. You are a riot! Found you at my daughter's blog katydiddys.blogspot.com We are traveling to Ireland in April and I am looking at the places you took your pals for ideas of sights to see. Any other suggestions? I saw your book reviewed, I am pretty sure, in the LA Times. Will get myself a copy.

  3. @Texa...I bet I will lol
    @Laura...Thanks for stopping by !Most places would be in the North (Northern Ireland and Donegal County) that I know of and have taken my visitors too...Giant's Causeway, Mussendon Temple, Malin Head, Glenveagh National Park, Grianan of Aileach,Dunluce Castle, Knock Shrine, WB Yeats Grave, Kylemore Abbey, Belfast, Derry (of course since that's where I live lol). I've never been a fan of Dublin or Galway, but I'm there are good things there to see as well lol.

  4. Hahaha, wonderful post, good laugh! I also think spiders travel in groups. I've seen huge spider corpses in the basement, and if that type alive comes near me I know I'm going to die. If your spider was like 10p ours in the basement are more like 2 euros.

  5. Ok, forgot that you use pounds up there. So think 50p! LOL!