Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is it savoury?

Well, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Yes, I know I'm a week late, but I have a baby...who is teething...and refusing to sleep, so my blogging takes a back burner at times.  Anyway, I celebrated my 2nd Thanksgiving in Derry and Isla's first Thanksgiving EVER.  Last year, Barry and I didn't have Thanksgiving dinner, instead opting to eat spaghetti because I was working on Thanksgiving.  But this year, we decided to just do it.  Barry cooked a lovely Thanksgiving dinner and I ate it...and Isla ate it and Barry's mom and dad ate it. 

Preparing for Thanksgiving dinner here, however, proved challenging!  Specifically, trying to find pumpkin!  I wanted pumpkin pie and even got my mom to send me her very special, secret recipe for pumpkin pie that I was never getting EVEN over her dead body, but I got it! However it was not to be!  Barry and I searched high and low across the town for canned pumpkin...or fresh pumpkin...any pumpkin would have done, however it did not come to pass.  No where had it.  In fact, most people looked at us as if we had four heads when we asked for it and it was usually followed by the question: "So, pumpkin pie?  Is it savoury? What is it?"  After I explained what it was, the facial expressions didn't change much...they still looked repulsed lol.  You just have to try it!  You'll like it citizens of Derry, I promise!!!

The "Is it savoury?" question was usually quickly followed by..."So, what is Thanksgiving anyway?"  And my response was..."well, you know...just give thanks and all that...and the harvest..."  Well, that was the best I could quickly get out and I know that sounds really dumb...I do!  NOW, before you say ANYTHING...yes, I do know what Thanksgiving is!  And, I could probably get out a very smart-sounding answer, but just taking the time to dive into my brain that deep to explain Thanksgiving just didn't appeal to me as I was searching for my sacred pumpkin.  Especially since Barry likes to turn it around and say, "Those poor Indians...didn't know what was coming...eating Thanksgiving dinner with you people before you stripped them of their land."  Come on!  Like I was there to personally do that!

After my lackluster Thanksgiving explanation, I was usually met with another question..."Now, Black that part of Thanksgiving?"  Now, this I can explain!  And, I this: "Oh, no not see.  Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and it kind of marks the start of the Christmas season because all the shops are open really early with these great you can get laptops and stuff for like $99.  It's great!  Once I was at Target and these two women just got into this massive fight over a jacket that was marked down from $100 to $5.  Stores sometimes even open late Thanksgiving evening for the Black Friday deals.  It's called Black Friday because that's the day the stores come out of the red and into the black...meaning they turn a profit."  And then, I take a deep breath.  I do realize my explanation of Black Friday and the depth of my explanation of Black Friday compared to that of my explanation of Thanksgiving is sinful and it makes me and my people and my country look like idiots!  I do...and I have no defense except to say...I love a deal and I hate being fat.  Black Friday gives me deals...Thanksgiving makes me fat. 

Enjoy our Derry Thanksgiving pictures 2012:

Here's my little turkey in the depths of her first turkey coma.  She slept three hours after eating turkey.  If I had known she would succumb to turkey...I would have been putting it in her bottle all along!

Our dinner:

I didn't get to do any Black Friday shopping, however, I did do a little Black Friday Karoake...and...I was brillant.  Take a look...never mind the weirdo beside me...she's just a stalker.  I was in the throes of Rush Rush by Paula Abdul here:

And, the Sunday following Thanksgiving.  Barry and I took our little turkey to get her very first picture taken with Santa Clause.  Look at the shape of that...who's worse...Isla or Santa?

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  1. ahhh ive just had my third thanksgiving here in ireland....that whole pumpkin pie can find cans of libbies, but in dublin and its like 12 euros for a can no joke! my recommendation, order it online from or most american food websites well in advance of thanksgiving. it will cost a pretty penny but its worth it in my mind! i also had family buy me pumpkin and i brought it back with me the last time I went home. I had enough to make 4 big pies this year and i used an extra can to make pumpkin bread and freeze leftover mix for more pies! so ummm, weve got a lot of pumpkin if you are ever in the republic and want some haha!