Friday, March 23, 2012

Weak and Whatta Man

As traditional ways of soothing Isla continue to fail with her colic, I've now resorted to singing to her.  Sometimes she enjoys it, sometimes she does not.  However, I've found that my repertoire of children's songs is nearly non-existent.  I know just a few songs: The Alphabet Song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Jesus Loves Me.  I know a few other songs, but not the entire song like I know these three.  If I were to sing another song, I would know the chorus then the rest of the song would be more of me mumbling or humming to the beat and that's just sad.

Since I know so few children's songs, I resorted to singing Christmas songs.  It seems I know more Christmas songs word for word than I do children's songs, including Jingle Bells (the original and Batman smells versions), Rocking Around the Christmas Tree, Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.

It seems however that I tire of singing these songs so often and Isla gets tired of hearing them, so last night I decided to mix it up a bit and sang the two songs that I know EVERY word to.  You'll laugh when you hear them because they are probably songs that you've forgotten about and haven't heard for a very long time.  Song number one:  Weak by SWV.  I used to sing this song in  my backyard while swinging on the swing set.  I thought my voice was soooo killer then, too.  Here's the song:

And, the other song is Salt 'N Pepa's Whatta Man.  My rap on this is so dope y'all for reals.  Here it is:

Anyway, I think I've proved I need to learn more kiddie songs.

Isla is growing quite a bit now.  She's six weeks old and weighs 8lbs and 13oz now and she's finally starting to outgrow her newborn clothes.  We put one of my favorite outfits on her today and the bottoms were too short.  I made the comment to Barry:  "Isla's pants are too small...she has on highwaters today."
Barry: "What?"
Me: "She has on high-waters."
Barry: "What are high-waters?"
Me: "You her pants are too short on the bottom."
Barry: Confused look remains on his face.
Me: "Like capri pants almost."  Surely he will understand now, I think to myself.
Barry: "What are capris?"
Me:  Dear Jesus, I think to myself and wonder how to explain this further to a man who clearly knows no fashion terminology at all.  "You know, like the only come to to here."  I motion to my calf.
Barry: "Oh, okay. Like three quarter length."
Me: "Yeah."
Barry: "High-waters!!! And, you make fun of the way I talk!"

A classic example of high-waters:

Oh...I'm also raging (a Derry term I've picked up there) that I've encountered three women this week alone who have named their babies (born after Isla) Isla!  Whaaaaaat?  I heard of no one with that name except for the actress and now BOOM...everyone is using Isla!  Rage!

Okay, last but not least, I spotted this at the grocery store yesterday.  Yes, this is a real item and a real photo taken with my own tiny hand:

Yes, you're seeing it correctly.  It is Delicious Spotted Dick.  But, not only is it delicious spotted dick, it is Just the way you like it!  As you can clearly see in the photo.  What?!  You've got to be kidding!


  1. I LOVE that you serenaded your baby with Salt-N-Pepa. Push It is my jam! Haha

    1. The spotted dick is pretty funny, and it would have to be wrapped in gold with a 4 caret diamond for it to be just the way I like The same thing happened with both of the boys Logan was named in 1992 and it exploded and I have heard Hayden for both boys and girls more in the last couple of years, although there is a lot of variations Aiden, Caden, etc. You learn that at least you had it first. BTW your earlier picture of you both is awesome. Isla has really grown, I can't wait to see her. When are you coming home? Also mom must not have known a whole lot of songs either because she made up the words to patty cake, patty cake which I didn't realize until Logan was born. That must be what's wrong with me....haha

  2. You can also find "spotted dick" in a can at the World Market. I giggle each time I see it! I think I would prefer the dick in a box over the dick in a can!

    Glad to see all is well. Have you tried playing Zumba music for Isla? I would think that would soothe her.

    I think it always seem that right after you name your notice it much more. I named my son a non-common name..and the next issue of Parent's magazine called it one of their upcoming names to name a baby...I was so mad!


    PS...glad you were singing a different Salt n Pepa song....than the one I was thinking you would be singing! Push it!

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