Friday, September 28, 2012

Collective Facebook Updates

I have too many Facebook updates to post and I don't want to be a news feed hogger and post too many status updates...I do that enough with my Zumba posts.  But, I just feel like I need to get them out.  How did we get our mindless little thoughts and points out before Facebook?  Here's my collective Facebook status updates because I want them out of my head:

  • Why is everyone being so hard on Jessica Simpson?!! So what she's a bit heavier than she used to be!  She JUST HAD A BABY! Give her a break...jeez! 

  • Are we really sure Psy is saying Gangnam Style and not open condom style because I'm pretty sure he's saying open condom style?

  • Are there any fun haunted houses in Derry for Halloween?

  • What is there fun to do in Liverpool?  I haven't been to England yet so I want to go and it is a direct flight from's it like?  Plus, Liverpool apparently is only a short train ride from Manchester and guess what just opened in Manchester?  TACO BELL....oh, what!!!!

  • I really want some chocolate digestives and a cup of coffee.  Or even better, someone go to Starbucks and bring me back a Mocha Frappucino with no cream and a Skinny Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin.  I will take this anytime of day.  Thanks.

  • Has anyone watched the new Taylor Swift video, "We are never getting back together?"  And, if you have, have you noticed the fella dressed up like a cat or whatever he is (he is playing the guitar too I think) and how sooo in to the song he his?  I love him lol.   And, why is Taylor Swift suddenly so angry?  Have you listened to her new music?  Poor wee critter.
There he is above on Tayor's left.  Maybe he's a bear...or a raccoon?
  • Why do you call your underwear pants and your pants trousers here?  This just gets me in all types of tricky situations!  When I say pants, I mean my trousers not my underwear lol.

  • I so wish I could get on board with this whole metric system thing, but being American, I can't, I don't think I ever will.  I am constantly converting centimeters to inches and if you asked me right now how many centimeters are in an inch...I have no idea.

  • Barry and I both have gray Converse trainers and yesterday we wore them out together without realizing it and we looked soooooooo adorable lol. 

  • Was anyone else sick of reading the sex scenes in the 50 Shades trilogy by the second book or was it just me?

  • Why is the Disco Ball jewerly at Argento so sparkly and beautiful?  I want all of it.

  • Why are Crunchies so darn good?

  • All the people that come to my classes are awesome and they work soooooo hard and do sooooo good!  I'm impressed every day by their energy and enthusiasm.

  • I can't believe Tesco has their Christmas wrapping paper and cards and stuff out!  It's September!!!!

  • Why do people say things like, "I'll do that today."  But, in reality, they won't do it today.  They know it and you know it.  What they really mean is "eh, I'll do it in 3 days or so."  Why don't they just say that?

  • Barry is a great cook!  And, no he didn't tell me to say that!  I am treated to a gourmet meal nearly every night...I can't tell you the last time I cooked something!

  • Does anyone have the recipe for O'Brien's cherry scones?  Ohhhh Meee Geeee, those things might as well be King Tut's golden undies in my book.  Yummmmmmm!
That is all.


  1. The only downside to these NOT being on Facebook is it is much harder to comment!

    I've only been to Liverpool once and it was raining. But it was the weekend of some music festival so there was plenty going on. It think it would be good for a nice weekend in the city.

    After living in London for 4 years I never got used to the metric system for anything other than the temperature. I tried calling my pants jeans to not confuse people, and avoided talking about my underwear all together :-)

    I was definitely tired of reading about the sex scenes by the second book of 50 Shades - so much so that I refused to read the third book. I just couldn't be bothered!

    Great Britain has to start looking forward to Christmas in September because there aren't really any other holidays to look forward to. Halloween isn't as celebrated, Thanksgiving doesn't exist and even the fall (err, autumn) just kind of appears in a wash of wet and gray. No fall leaves or crisp air to delight in.

    1. I know FB is so much easier to use for comments isn't it?
      Yes Autumn is defs different here. Sort of turns from chilly to cold and icy rain suddenly. The leaves just fall from the trees because they are too wet to hold on any longer lol.

      I'm slowly getting used to using centigrade for the temp but I haven't done it easily. I have this weird formula I use in my head to work it out to what it would be in farenheit haha.

      Hope you are getting set up and settled in NYC! I haven't been there in a's always a fun place to visit.