Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fish and Chips

Barry and I went to the carnival/fair last night.  Even though I can't really ride anything because I'm pregnant, we still had fun playing the games.  In particular, the hook a duck game.  Really folks, it couldn't have got any easier than this.  Basically you reach a stick into a pool full of plastic ducks and hook it through the large wire hoop extending out of the duck's head.  Since we successfully hooked a duck each (we so got skillz, word), we were each awarded these lovely prizes:

Naturally, we wondered what we were going to do with our new fish given that we have two cats.  So, we left the fair to go discover what exactly was going to happen.

Fox was psyched and confused at the same time.

Fox couldn't stop staring.
"How do I get you?" Fox asks the fish.
"I'm quite certain you are delicious." Fox says.
Before you ask, yes that is a glass salad bowl the fish are in.  It was sort of all we had to work with given we weren't planning on becoming goldfish parents.  They will have a more suitable home once we go the pet store.

Charlie could have cared less about the fish.  He was too busy doing this:

I could have popped a fish in his mouth and he wouldn't have cared.
Obviously, we couldn't leave the fish in a place where Fox would be able to get to them, so we decided we'd have to put them on top of the wardrobe and do it while he wasn't looking, which we did.  About ten minutes later, Fox's nose starting going in to overdrive until he sniffed out the new location of his new siblings!  Luckily, they are still alive as he hasn't figured out how to get on top of the wardrobe yet.  Not sure how long it will last.  Oh, and I think we've settled on naming the new pets Fish and Chips.

Since I'm talking about cats, I'll share another story.  Most people, upon telling them that I have cats, look at me as if I have three heads.  I've not run in to many people here that actually like cats.  So anyway, last night, Barry and I had Fox outside on the sidewalk.  Barry was holding him so he couldn't run.  A car pulled up and the man inside shouts out while pointing to Fox, "Where did ye get that? How much do ye want fir it?"  Barry of course says that Fox isn't for sale.  The guys continues, "Ah, come on.  I want it ti give ti me two dogs.  Huskies."  I'm not certain at this point if it's a joke.  Long story short. Turns out it wasn't. The guy seriously wanted to BUY my cat to throw to his dogs to tear to pieces!  I was disgusted!  Why would someone think of something so cruel for an innocent animal?  It actually makes me quite sad to know that this is likely not the first time the guy has thought about offering up a cat to his dogs.  Scumbag. Poor kitties.  Anyway, on that appalling note, I'll leave you for now.


  1. I can't believe he wanted your cat! That is terrible.
    Have to watch out with those free pets, all the gear and food gets PRICEY. We caught toads a few years ago - it cost about $70 for an aquarium, heat mat, etc. and $5 PER WEEK in crickets!

  2. Dude, what do people have against cats?!? We had a kitten dumped in my work parking lot the other day. We brought it in and asked every student that came through the door if they wanted to adopt a kitten. I swear you might as well have been asking them if they wanted to adopt the devil's offspring. Poor kitties get a bad rep.

    Anyway, LOVE your fish names. They're perfect! And I love the pictures of Fox lusting after them. Smart kitty. We have a tank full of fish, and none of our cats seem interested. It's weird. I think they may be plotting their demise and making us think they don't care about them so that we'll be taken by surprise....

  3. Whoah! Seriously? How bout we cover him in steak juice and throw HIM to the dogs. Asshat.