Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The earth moves and a baby name game

Well, I missed it!  The great earthquake of 2011!  Damn!  It wouldn't be such a big deal if I were say from California, but being from West Virginia...well, we don't really get earthquakes there.  So, the fact that there was an earthquake in Virginia with tremors being felt in West Virginia is a pretty big least I think so anyway.  Turns out that the office building I used to work in was evacuated!  Oh, how exciting that would have been...woulda been good craic, eh?  (That's a bit of my Irish slang there).

Since it was such big news, there are already "In memory of the great quake" jokes and photographs floating around.  In fact, Barry emailed me one today which made me spit a little on my computer screen from laughing.  Here it is:

No, we'll never forget.  The pain that lawn chair must have faced when it was so  violently shaken to the ground.
Moving on to other earth shattering problems...picking a name for the baby!  I know we still have five months to come up with something, but at the rate we're going it will bloody well take five months!  Barry likes very normal names...think John, James, Thomas, Jane, etc.  I like something with a little flash to it, of course.  Don't get me wrong, I don't want a cooky, over-the-top celebrity name.  But, something that stands out a little bit would be nice.

So, since we're faced with this teeny dilemma, I went and bought one of those baby name books.  The one that has 40,001 baby names in it.  I guess the extra "1" really makes all the difference because 40,000 names wouldn't have been enough to look through.

Well, let me just say, after browsing through this book about 39,000 of the names are just pure shit.  They are.  I'm not talking about the ones that are foreign names, but the ones that are just purely made up. Let me share a few with you.  Here are the names and the attached definition given by the book.

Limo-- (invented) from the word limousine; sporty.  (Because we all want to name our baby after something that teenage girls lose their virginity in on prom night, right?)

Karbie--(American) energetic.  (Well, I guess you'd have to be energetic with that name because your baby will spend plenty of time running from bullies on the playground.  Oh and it makes me think of Arby's and then I start craving a roast beef sandwich.  Did I mention I'm starving?)

J-Nyl--(American) flirtatious.  (Um, What?)

Jacquet (invented)--form of Jackett. (Jackett?)

Barcie--(American) sassy.  (Makes me wanna Barfie...hehe).

Alright, that's all I'll share for now since as I mentioned there are about 39,000 of them.

If there are any Barcies, Jacquets, J-Nyls, Karbies or Limos reading this, please don't be offended and I'm sure they are lovely names on you.


  1. LMAO@the names. A couple of other names for you:

    Rogue (yes...I know someone who named their kidlet this and it is a girl name)

    Fable (girl name and her mom liked the video

    Atari (girl name....gamer parents)

  2. There are so many pretty Irish/Gaelic names! I'm sure you'll figure out something you both like sooner or later. Good luck

  3. I checked that book out; you're right, it is total crap. Through both pregnancies I was terrified of having a boy - only because I couldn't think of a boy's name! We have been trying to come up with one for seven years now! I hope we keep having girls...

  4. Ew...those are really bad! Good luck in finding a good name in that book...whew. You guys will find the perfect mix of traditional and original I'm sure, even if it does take 5 months. :)

    Oh, and we felt the great quake down here in Georgia. Pretty scary stuff! ;)

  5. That quake picture is awesomeness. Those baby names are the opposite of awesomeness. I heard one of the worst ever. La-a. Pronounced, Ladasha. Yup.

  6. I was told it was pretty unsettling with regards to the "East Coast Quake". They just don't build houses for quakes on that coast, you know? Quake and 'Cane in one week. Days of doom, I'll tell you. Speaking of, I think I like Cane and Quake for baby names!? Congrats on that most wonderful news, too! :) I feel you on wanting a different baby name (but not too different) which is why we took it old school with our daughters name, Blair. Good luck on deciding!

  7. A big LOL to that picture and your comment to it!! Hehehehe!