Monday, August 22, 2011

Photo Wotos

Not too much going on around here...just the usual--Barry doesn't wanna find out the sex of the baby and I do so I can at least figure out what colors to buy!  Pink or Blue?

Anyway, here are some photos of a little road trip Barry and I took to Moville, Greencastle and Shroove.
A seal swimming around Greencastle Harbor.  I was tempted to throw a beach ball in the water to see if he'd bounce it off his nose, but I was fresh outta beach balls.

Ruins in Greencastle.  Perhaps the old Green Castle?
Me at a beach in Shroove.  I know it looks warm, but it was FREEZING that day!
A lighthouse in Shroove me thinks.
Dunno where this is.

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  1. Please, keep these gorgeous pictures coming! LOVE Ireland!