Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The newest Olympic gymnast is...

Nearly 18 weeks along now in this pregnancy and I felt the baby's first movement/kick/punch yesterday.  Plus, I think he (I'm pretty sure it's a boy, even though we don't know 100% yet) was working on gymnastics moves or Zumba moves more likely.

This evening Barry and I were lying on the sofa and the munchkin decided to work on his somersaults yet again. This time Barry was able to feel him and it totally freaked him out!  He even said he wouldn't be able to sleep tonight because it was so weird.  I suppose it is weird...to have this thing moving around inside of you.  But, I think Barry has something like this envisioned when he felt it tumbling around:

Thankfully, most of the food aversions have gone away.  Well except for curry, anything deep-fried, black bean sauce, anything made with Chinese five spice and any type of potato...yeah, still can't tolerate that.  And, with the aversions leaving so have several of my cravings...including the delicious Italian salad dressing I couldn't get enough of if you remember this post.  I am however having an unusual interest in gobbling up any type of lemon-flavored muffin or cake which is bizarre because I'm not a lover of lemon-flavored desserts normally.  I'm also having a deep and meaningful relationship with Jello Cook 'n Serve Chocolate pudding, although I can't get it in Ireland.  Lucky for me, my mom mailed me a whole bunch of the stuff yesterday so with any luck, it'll be here next week...then look out...you may not see me for a couple of days.  Hmm...just had a thought there...what about mixing in a lemon-flavored muffin into the Jello pudding?  That could be quite delicious!


  1. I always loved feeling the baby move in my belly. I secretly loved the last two weeks of my pregnancy she you could feel the entire baby squirm....although it was uncomfortable, I loved it! Congratulations.


  2. So glad you and your little alien are doing great, haha. And glad you are feeling better. Keep that pudding coming!

  3. Ha! Love Space Balls...and that's gotta be kind of weird (but in a good way) feeling the baby move. :) Exciting!