Monday, August 1, 2011

Pesky aversions

So, I'm in my 13th week now and officially in my second trimester.  I thought all the crappy symptoms were supposed to go away by now, but I think they're getting worse.  Currently, I'm experienced boulder-sized acne.  SS from CAA if you're reading this, we could've used these bad boys for the boulders in Greenspace instead of the actual ones haha.  Okay, that's gross I know.  Anywho...

I've actually been quite lucky...I haven't been puking but I have had some pretty severe food aversions starting at about my 6th week.  They're still here and I'm so freakin' frustrated because I have a hard time finding something I want to eat!  AAAAAAAAA!!!  Poor Barry is frustrated, too.  Everything he wants to eat makes me want to vomit.
This should come with an attached straw.  Sorta like a Capri Sun does.

Unfortunately, a lot of things I want, I can't get here.  For example, anything from Taco Bell (making tacos at home just doesn't have the same feeling), Iced Tea (I've made my own here but its just not the same) and Jello Cook 'n Serve chocolate pudding (it has to be cook and serve because otherwise you don't get those delicious puddin' skins on top).

So much better than instant.

One thing I do have to indulge in is Italian salad dressing, American mustard, or anything with a tangy tomato sauce.  I can't get enough.  I fantasize about drinking the salad dressing straight from the bottle then refrain because Barry may think I've lost my mind.  Although, I could do it while he's at work I suppose and he'd never be the wiser...unless he reads my blog, which he does.  Oh well.
So glad I've found you here.

A current list of my aversions include (I was going to post photos here, but just the thought of even looking at a photo makes me gag): Anything with curry sauce or flavor, any type of potato, anything deep fried, chocolate candy bars, anything with black bean sauce.  This list actually changes daily which makes it super duper frustrating when trying to plan dinner.

Even though I'm complaining, its all in good fun.  After two miscarriages over the past two years, I'm grateful all is okay so far this time.

Now, let's pay tribute to Taco Bell.  Oh you delicious piece of heaven how I long to suckle at your specially seasoned teet.  Even if the rumors are true and you're not 100 % beef, I don't care.  I don't care if you're 100% rhino, I'd still love you.


  1. You might be one of the few people actually praising taco bell ;) I hope the food aversions go away at leAst a little bit for ya. And hallelujah, I didn't think they had yellow mustard in Europe. There is hope, lol

  2. I NEVER eat Taco Bell, but I wanted it when I was pregnant. Funny. I wonder what does it for us?

  3. I drank big glasses of milk (not my usual)...was disgusted by raw chicken (still grosses me out), ate too much sushi, and the thought of my husband's breath in the morning made me want to puke. I ate cheerios every morning and promptly threw them up after...then taught SPINNING and boot camp classes six times per week. Funny how your senses and tastes change from day to day. Hope someone finds a way to send you taco bell! Cheers!

  4. "Anything with curry sauce or flavor, any type of potato, anything deep fried, chocolate candy bars" - Oh love, you just described 75% of food over there. LOL So sorry. There are those Taco Bell dry-box sets that're bascially add your own meat - maybe some of your US fam could ship some? Or order online?