Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I love my followers...but, I'm starving

I love love love when I wake up and see that I have another follower!  I created this blog as a way to keep my friends and family up to speed with my going ons in Ireland, but now I've found the bloggy community (which I also love) and I have 32 followers!  This seems shocking to me...that 32 people would want to read about what I'm up to.  And, this brings about all kinds of other thoughts...will I keep them entertained, I hope I don't sound like an idiot, and so on.  Anyway, I just want to say...I love you followers and I hope I can amuse you!

Not to bring the enthusiasm down, but I also have to mention that I'm starving.  And, no not in the I'm starving for attention kind of way.  I'm starving for food.  By choice. You see, I used to be thin, then I got fat, now I'm not fat, but I'm still not happy with my current weight.  Although, I'm not sure that I would ever be happy with a current weight. 

Right after I got engaged, I started trying to lose weight for the wedding, because those wedding photographs last forever and I didn't want to be repulsed by my own image in wedding photographs.  I've always exercised (Zumba), but dieting in recent years was never something I was down with, because dieting is hell. 

So, I started dieting for the dress...counting calories and fat intake.  This was a slow going process so I decided to speed it up a bit. I mean, it was April 2010 and my wedding was in September 2010 and I still didn't have a wedding dress because I hadn't lost as much weight as I had wanted to!  Something had to be done!

Enter the 3 day diet.  Many of you have probably heard of this diet before.  I was skeptical before I tried it, but I did lose 60 pounds using it and was able to reach my wedding day weight loss goal.  It wasn't easy.  Let me just say that this diet was created by the devil from the fiery bowels of hell.  I can almost see Satan in his lair, sitting in his wingback chair in front of a fire (what else?) writing with his fire pen or the tears of imprisoned souls, or whatever he uses to write with, the contents of this diet.  All while he releases an evil laugh deep from within his gut and says something like, "You silly women will follow this diet and you will be selling me your souls for food!"  Random thought: He wants souls, right?  At least that's what he wants in the movies. Okay, well maybe that's just what I picture.  Just a little side note:  I didn't sell my soul to the devil in exchange for food while I was on this diet, I'm stronger than that.  His plan is easy to see through.  So, joke on you, Satan.

For those of you that don't know, here is what the 3 day diet entails: 

Black coffee or tea (Sweet & Low or Equal) or water
1/2 Grapefruit or Juice
1 slice toast with 1 Tbsp. Peanut Butter
1/2 Cup of Tuna
1 slice toast
Black coffee or tea (Sweet & Low or Equal) or water
3 oz. any lean meat
1 cup green beans
1 cup carrots
1 cup vanilla ice cream
1 medium apple
Black coffee or tea (Sweet & Low or Equal) or water
Black coffee or tea (Sweet & Low or Equal) or water
1 egg (any style)
1 slice toast
1 banana
1 cup cottage cheese or tuna
5 saltine crackers
Black coffee or tea (Sweet & Low or Equal) or water
2 beef franks or hot dogs
1/2 cup carrots
1 banana
1 cup broccoli or cabbage
1/2 cup vanilla ice cream
Black coffee or tea (Sweet & Low or Equal) or water
Black coffee or tea (Sweet & Low or Equal) or water
5 regular saltine crackers
1 oz.(slice) cheddar cheese
1 apple
1 hard boiled egg
1 slice toast
Black coffee or tea (Sweet & Low or Equal) or water
1 cup tuna
1 cup carrots
1 cup cauliflower
1 cup melon
1/2 cup regular vanilla ice cream
Black coffee or tea (Sweet & Low or Equal) or water

Condiments Allowed

  • Lemon (and lots of it, if you like)
  • a dash of salt and/or pepper
  • mustard
  • cooking spray


Some people use the following substitutions for the 3 day diet:
  • Orange instead of Grapefruit
  • Tuna instead of Cottage cheese (and vice versa)
  • Frozen yogurt instead of Ice Cream
  • Cauliflower instead of Broccoli (and vice versa)
  • Green beans instead of Broccoli or Cauliflower
  • Beets instead of Carrots
  • Toast instead of 5 crackers (vice versa)
I followed this devil diet for five months.  Every week, I would do this diet for 3 days then have 4 days off and it really did make a difference.  To be honest, sometimes my substitutions were a cupcake instead of grapefruit, but it still worked ;). 

So, here I am six months after the wedding and I've been able to maintain the weight loss.  However, I don't want to maintain!  I want to lose about 15 more pounds.  But, all that will power I had before the wedding has just disappeared and I'm struggling to get it back.  But, it's hard, especially since McDonald's just re-released the Shamrock Shake again...um, hello delicious. 

I tried going back on the 3 day diet this week, but it appears to be much more difficult than it was before the wedding and as I type this on what is supposed to be day 2 of the 3 day diet, I find myself fantasizing about what I'm having for lunch and I've decided that this week isn't a good week for the 3 day diet.  And, probably not next week either.  Those last 15 will just have to wait.

Here are before and after pics for your viewing pleasure:

This is before (and also when I was going through a weird dark hair phase):

And, this is me now:


  1. I've never heard of that diet but it sounds interesting and like it would work since you are not depriving yourself 24-7.

    I had some success with the Flat Belly diet (4 meals of 400 calories and included in that has to be a MUFA: think nuts, avocado, olives, dark chocolate, olive oil) but I would give myself cheat days on Fridays and the weekend where I would eat Flat Belly meals for breakfast and lunch but then could eat whatever I wanted for dinner which seemed to help.

    It worked pretty well at the time and I should probably get back on the diet train soon :)

  2. I understand wanting to lose those last extra pounds, but you look beautiful and perfect now. IMHO, I think the blond hair suits you better:)

  3. So whaddya do with the other half of the grapefruit? Keep it for a whole seven days? What about people who don't like ice cream?

    Cake's right, the blond hair looks like more fun. I did a brunette stint after kiddo was born... Can I just say I was looking "hwarf!"

  4. I too like the blonde hair on you. In high school I went blonde...but after realizing that I actually had to have some upkeep...I went back to brown. After I came home, my mother informed me that I looked ugly as a blonde. Thanks, Mom!

  5. Ehm, I do understand that you're starving!!!!!!! But you look great!

  6. @KT--I'll have to try that flat belly diet...I need a change!

    @Cakeologist--Aww, shux...thanks!

    @Mollie--Yes, you can keep it for 7 more days...that's what I did, just wrapped it up and it actually kept pretty well! I'd say probably pudding would work in place of the ice cream, too. Thanks--I prefer the blonde too...makes me look younger and since I'm not getting any younger, it works :)

    @Liz-Thank you too. Yeah its funny how they always wait until you change your look to tell you how much they HATED your old look...happened to me too lol.


  7. You look amazing! Just keep looking at that after picture when you need inspiration.

  8. Congrats on the weight loss and keeping it off! I should try the diet, my eating habits lately have been not so healthy (waka waka).

  9. I moved to France last year (from Dublin!) and have since put on a few pounds that I'm desperate to shift. This diet looks pretty good, and if I can manage to discipline myself, I'm going to try and give it a go. Thanks for the tip
    And your after photo is gorgeous by the way!

  10. Girl, you look amazing! And you can keep summer (read: bikini time) in your mind when you want to skip your diet? x

  11. @Jodi-Thank you!

    @...and that's a true story--Thank you, too!

    @Sara Louise--Thank you. Best of luck with the diet...it really does work, but it isn't fun...of course, not many diets are!

    @Renee--Thank you! Bikini....AAAAAAA! That word makes me cringe lol.

  12. well, as i always tell her 'i don't care what size she is'....but im glad she's happy, but the only thing is now is there is less of you for me now ;)