Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Soap Box Wednesday: The not-so-negative edition

Yeah, I know I just created this Soap Box Wednesday thing a few weeks ago which has allowed me to basically bitch about whatever is bothering me.  However, this has been such a good week, I can't find any negativity in me at all...which is a very weird feeling.  I'm still processing it.  Soooo, this Soap Box Wednesday post will be a glorious post full of joy and positive blah blah blah. 

I was very excited today to see me wee little blog featured on For the Love of Blogs!  Holla!  I have to say...I am crushing very hard on For the Love of Blogs right now and not just 'cause they featured me, but 'cause they bring me so much amusement!  I have found and connected with some really cool gals with supa cool blogs via FTLOB.  And, honestly, my productivity in life has declined since stumbling upon FTLOB.  But, I don't care.  I deserve some entertainment.

And, to make this week even better...I got some beautiful flowers from the hubster, I received a package that I have been waiting on for TWO months, my EEA Family Permit for Ireland was approved, I booked my ticket FINALLY to go to Ireland and Mollie over at OK in UK passes along a Stylish Blogger Award (which I'll come back to later today) to me.  Seriously, I need to play the lotto I think.

It hasn't been all rainbows and puppy dogs this week, however.  I did turn my resignation letter in at work and did finally come face to face with the realization that very, very soon I'll be leaving my job and my friends and family.  Of course, I knew it was coming, but I'd been so preoccupied with the planning and organizing of the whole move, that I hadn't allowed my emotions to come out and play...until this week.  But, alas, all will be grand, I'm sure.  Cheers for now!


  1. I can definitely relate to what you are going through. A year and a half ago I moved to St. Louis with J after spending a year in California with my family.

    I didn't know another soul and although it was hard at first (and sometimes still is) things have gotten a lot better and I've even made some friends!

    One thing I would recommend is to be honest about the times when you are homesick and miss your family and friends. It really helped me to share those feelings with J and feel like someone else is helping to carry my load :)

  2. Your adventure ahead of you will be so will do fine!

    I am sending you a personal email tonight...I have a question about zumba!


    Congrats on all your great things and the FTLOB feature!!

  3. Congratulations on your feature!

  4. New follower. Found you on FTLOB. I love Ireland and have been 5 times. I'll be back there in 2012 and can't wait. I think you will love it there (and you will be near your hubby finally).

  5. @Jodi--Thanks for stopping by!! Ireland is so lovely. I'm sure I'll be occupied exploring every nook and cranny of it!

    @Relevant Notes Blog--Thank you very much!

    @Tales of a Hockey Wife--Looking forward to the email...I love me some Zumba talk!

    @KT--Thank you for the advice! I'm sure I'll have no trouble talking to Barry about my homesickness...he's already had to hear about it lol.

  6. Hi Lesley,
    Nice meeting you! I can relate somewhat to what you are going through.
    I "dated" my husband via e-mail, ICQ, snail mail, and occasionally got to meet him when he was on a business trip to London, Helsinki, and Paris. I was in Sweden and he was in California.

    After a couple of years we decided to get married in San Francisco. Even though I had been an exchange student in CA, and dated my husband 10 years earlier (long story, but we met again many years later), I was still nervous.

    You'll love Ireland, even though I never been there, but we have may Irish friends after living in Spain and Wales. They Irish are wonderful people..

    Jo in Texas (after several moves to different countries)

  7. Lovely blog! Ireland is amazing! My husband & I will be there in September :]

  8. Tell ya what kiddo, I cried the day I handed in the equivalent to a resignation letter to my principal. I was a wreck in August because that's when I would normally be gearing up to go back to work.

    And now, I'm fine. I think you will be too.

  9. Congrats on your FTLOB feature!! Hope you got lots of lovely comments! Your story sounds so interesting!!! And how awesome that you were able to write a book about it!! :)

  10. Found you through FTLOB. SO jealous that you're moving to "the other side". My hubby & I both have lots of family in Ireland & have been many many times. He even proposed over there (2yrs ago today actually). Glad to have found you & looking forward to following along in your journey. :)