Thursday, February 17, 2011

It feels good to be loved...

I'm feelin' awfully loved today!  Yesterday, Mollie over at OK in UK awarded me with a Stylish Blogger award!  If you haven't read Mollie's blog yet, you must.  Its hilarious and I'm sure once you have finished with it, you'll have spit a cup of coffee at your computer screen while reading one of her posts.  At least that's what happened to me.

Then, TODAY, Angel over at Living in a Perry Tale awarded me with ANOTHER Stylish Blogger award! Like whoa to the whoa.  I'm flattered and I had no idea I was so stylin'!  Go check out Living in a Perry Tale and tell me Angel is not one gifted photographer?  Yeah, she really is. 

These awards do come with some rules...but, what doesn't.  Here they are:

Rule number 1: Mention the blogger who awarded you and link back to that person. Done and Done.
Rule number 2: If your feeling up for it, become a follower of their blog. Done and Done.
Rule number 3: Tell 7 random facts about yourself. 
Oh my...let's see...
1.  I prefer the CoffeeMate powder creamer in my coffee over any type of milk or liquid creamer.
2.  I could lie in my bed all day on a Saturday and watchy cheesy lifetime movies.  Like seriously ALL day, folks, no joke.  Dawn to dusk. 
3.  I was ran over by a car when I was five years old.  Not my whole body, just my leg, but it still hurt.  And I have the scars to prove it.
4.  I'm obsessed with Maggie's Salsa.  It's the best salsa I've ever had.
5.  I'm incredibly shy...especially around "new" people.
6.  I have over 100 pairs of shoes.  Well, I did prior to downsizing my wardrobe in preparation for shipping it all to Ireland.  I had a difficult time with the downsizing of the shoes part.  I'm probably down to about 75 pairs now.
7.  I have two degrees--a bachelors degree in marketing and a masters degree in criminal justice--both of which I am not using.
Phew...that was hard.
Rule number 4: And pass the award on to other bloggers & let them know about it! 
 I'm fairly new to blogging, and I sure some of these other bloggers may have already received this award before, but hey, it feels good to get it again, right? 
Paige @Ringing out my balalaika--just because she writes so beautifully.
Rhiannon @Rhiannon's Paranormally Romantic Bits & Pieces--'cause she has a vibrator and she ain't afraid to blog about it.
Shalyn @ Laugh Until Your Checks Hurt--she's just so gosh darn cute and happy.

Susi @ Susi--'cause she's pretty positive even though she has to constantly worry about her food...and that's cool.

Mrs. Sherman @ Mom's Bookshelf and More--she likes books...I like books...

City Girl@ City Girl Chronicles--'cause she wants to write a book and I wanna support that!

KT@ KT's Refinishing School--she's gotta cool yellow tabby much like my own cool yellow tabby.

Now, I'll go tell all these stylish gals!  And thanks again to Mollie and Angel!


  1. Cool!! Thank you and thanks for your support!
    Happy Blogging!

  2. Thanks so much, Lesley! Will blog about this really soon!

  3. Haha, I love your second fact about yourself! :)

  4. Alright girl. Lemme help ya out here.... You say you like CoffeeMate creamer, powdered. BUT, do you like it flavored? Say, humdrum vanilla like myself?

    If your Ireland is like my Durham, you aren't going to be getting your favorite flavored creamer at the local. That blue canister ain't vanilla. It's regular powdered creamer.

    May I humbly request that you add a crate of the glorious CoffeeMate to your shipment of worldly goods? That way, you won't suffer as I do.

  5. @CityGirlChic and Susi--My pleasure!

    @Mollie--NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I do like just plain powdered creamer, not flavored...hopefully it will be okay?

    @...and that's a true story--I know...I can't believe I admitted that.

  6. so happy to find your blog through shalyn's! i love all these answers! i, too, am a lover of the cinematic adventure that is lifetime movies! have a happy weekend:)

  7. @vintch--Thanks for stopping by! Haha...I can't believe I admitted that. I also have been known to frequent the Hallmark movies too!

  8. Cute facts, congrats with your awards and enjoy your weekend!

  9. Congrats on your award! Found you from FTLOB. I used to work in international shipping and dealt with the Irish community a lot (great people!). Congradulations on your wedding and here is a wish for many happy wonderful years together as a married couple...