Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Soap Box Wednesday: Drive Thru Dilemma

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Here we are again, week two of Soap Box Wednesdays and I have to say, I'm quite excited by this little venture.  Finally, somewhere to vent my frustrations and hopefully maybe yours, too! 

So this week, I'm getting up on my soap box about the fast food drive thru window.  I've never had luck ordering food from drive thrus.  Nine out of ten times, my order is wrong and I've learned to accept that, until this week.  Yes, the past few weeks has been a trying time for me as far as drive thru windows are concerned.  Every time, my order has been wrong! In particular with one well-known burger chain. 

After four times (one after the other I might add) of going through this particular restaurant's drive-thru window and after four times of getting my order wrong, I've had it up to here (I have my hand held at my neck, by the way.  Just so you  have a visual).  When I order a sour cream and chives baked potato, I expect just that (I also expect a fork, which I usually don't get, but hey).  Not a plain baked potato with no sour cream.  And, when I pay for a sour cream and chives baked potato, I expect to get what I pay for because the sour cream and chives potato is about 40 cents more than a plain baked potato.  Somehow they manage to ring it up and charge me for what I actually ordered but the food item I'm given is not what I ordered.  I realize 40 cents is not a lot, but times are tough and those 40 cents could potentially be the 40 cents I have in my wallet when I'm at a parking meter and my time is running out and the meter maid is coming by to pass out tickets.  So, those 40 cents could be the difference between getting a parking ticket and not getting a parking ticket.  Just sayin'.

I can't help but wonder, maybe they need help understanding their own menu?  In that case, I can help!  Let me just take a minute here and explain to this restaurant about their menu items.  A sour cream and chives baked potato has chives on it and it comes with butter and sour cream on the side.  Oh, and it costs $1.49.  A plain baked potato has no chives on it and it does not necessarily come with sour cream.  As the name of it suggests, a sour cream and chives potato has chives on it and comes with sour cream.  And, it is really helpful if you provide your hungry patrons with forks.  Forks are what we eat your yummy potatoes with. 

Phew!  Okay, I think I'm done.  I'll step off my soap box now.  If you'd like to share your drive thru dilemmas with me, I'd love to hear them!  Bitch it out by posting a comment! Cheers!


  1. Haha, this is great. I always wonder what 'life path' those people are on who man the drive through station. We don't really have many of those in Germany, and suprisingly enough, the places they do (like McDonald's) are soooo efficient. Oh can't wait to get back home to get my order wrong :)
    Just stopped by your blog, and really glad I did!

  2. Thank you for stopping by! I'm sort of worried about my drive thru options once I get to Ireland haha. I don't like to cook. The only ones I've seen there are McDonalds and Burger King, both of which I don't care for! I enjoyed reading your blog!!

  3. Ok, this comment has nothing to do with baked potatoes, but I do hate when you order away, and realize later you didn't get what you ordered.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, and leaving a comment. I have seen your blog before, and I just want to tell you...

    My husband and I love LOVE is our favorite place to visit. We went there for our honeymoon, and I have backpacked alone through Ireland....Have a wonderful time when you get there. I am interested to know where you are moving to in Ireland, and will need to dive deeper into your blog tonight when my kids are in bed.

    Another question, do you teach Zumba? That is possibly my next I am a fitness instructor (SPIN, POLE, BODY PUMP, etc.)

    I might have questions.

    Thanks again..


  4. Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I loved your post today...found myself laughing out loud!

    I'm moving to Derry, Ireland as soon as my EEA Family Permit is approved *sigh* Seems to be taking forever! It is a great place!

    Yes, I do teach Zumba! I love it. I stopped teaching in the States a few weeks ago so I could focus on the move and I'm really anxious to get in to teaching it again once I get to Ireland. Questions anytime are welcome!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I have had my fair share of drive-through mishaps but the one that takes the cake for me has to be when I thought Taco Bell messed up my order and left out something and I went into fill my order. They were very apologetic and got me what I had ordered. When I returned to my hubby in the car, I realized that the item was in there all along! I felt terrible but we were already on the highway heading to our destination :( Guess it was a good thing it was only an 89 cent burrito!

  6. Hi KT!! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I've had my share of mishaps with Taco Bell, too! I order from their Fresco menu and the last time, I actually had the guy working the drive thru at Taco Bell ask me "What does Fresco mean?" I had to keep myself from laughing. All I could say was "it's on your menu." Ah, well!

  7. OMG! I totally feel the same way! My big annoyance is when the teenie-bopper behind the window has no concept on how to give change! Oh, wait...get your calculator because the math is just so hard....blah blah blah!

  8. Liz, I know! That happens to me all the time, too! I don't know why I even bother with the drive thru haha!