Friday, February 11, 2011

My Joy

FTLOB is co-hosting a Joyful Moments blog hop with Joyful Jones.  I thought it would be good to participate especially since I usually focus on the negative and the un-joyful (is that a word?).  So my joyful moment is reminiscing about vacation or planning my next one!  Since I don't have another planned right now, I'll have to settle for reminsicing today with some photos of previous vacays!  I could only post the ones I had access to from my online Kodak Gallery since my computer crashed a few months back and all I have left are print versions of my other fav vacations.  Enjoy!

Me and my hubby whale watching in Alaska on our honeymoon!  We did pretty good that day...a pod of killer whale and humpback whale as well as a few bald eagles.

I heart Vegas. Period.
Me anxiously waiting on the midnight dessert buffet to begin on our honeymoon!  My mouth is watering.  How could it not be?  They had a mountain on a table made out of profiteroles!  A MOUNTAIN!
And here is a somewhat blurry pic of the aformentioned mountain of profiteroles.
This is a view from the condo we rented when we went to Key West for my 27th birthday.  Wish I could wake up with a view like that everyday!
Inside of the Key West lighthouse.  This is one of my favorite vacation pics.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend to everyone!


  1. I am here from FTLOB and the joyful blog hop...your pictures are awesome. I too, LOVE vacations and like you...I LOVE Vegas. Even though I do not gamble...something about the busyness and lights and people. We went last year for the umpteenth time and I cannot wait to go again.
    Anyway, I wanted to tell you I loved your post today!!!!


  2. Great pictures.

    Thanks for the comment and visit. Looks like you like to travel! I loved it so much before I had kids....ahhh, someday I will travel again! The view of the beach is gorgeous!


  3. @melody mae--Same with me. I'm not a big gambler, but when I go to Vegas I can't resist the Star Wars penny slots haha!

  4. Awesome! You have to some amazing places!!! I would love to travel as much as you!
    Much Love,

  5. Alaska, Vegas, Key West, what fun trips! :) Dream away for your next vaca. I know I am since we really won't be going on one this year. Maybe next. . . Thanks so much for linking up today! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! :)