Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Man oh man, I'll do anything to avoid doing what I actually need to do.  For example, I need to work on new Zumba choreography, work on my next book, clean my apartment, finish packing boxes to ship to Ireland, clean the bathroom, wash dishes (barf) and use the last of my teeth whitening strips (they hurt my teeth!).  Do you think I've done any of it? Na.  In fact, I've spent the last few hours catching up on The Bachelor.  Yes, I know what you're thinking.  The Bachelor?  Why would you watch this new season?  Especially since this season's bachelor, Brad, is no stranger to the show.  In fact, he was likely one of America's most hated men after his last season on The Bachelor when he chose to dump the last two standing bachelorettes instead of proposing to one of them.  I know I didn't care for him then...and, I still don't.  But, it's my little guilty pleasure so I can't help myself.

Since I'm all caught up now, can I just say...THANK GOD he sent that bitchy Michelle home.  She was awful.  And, I know that Brad has apparently worked through his "issues" with the help of a therapist, but I'm wondering if perhaps he isn't just stupid? On the last episode he took three women on a group date to do a photo shoot for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition where he ended up rolling around in the sand and making out with Michelle while the other two women watched.  Then, he wondered why the group date wasn't going well after that romp in the sand.  Hmm...I wonder what could possibly have caused that Brad?  I'm sure it had nothing to do with you dry humping Michelle on the beach while the other two women, both of whom have told you they loved you, watched.  Na, nothin' at all to do with that.

Anyway, I'll stop blabbering about The Bachelor for now.  For those who don't watch The Bachelor, sorry, but maybe you'll enjoy the photo below.  My cat, Charlie, and I watched the episodes on my laptop this evening and as you can see from his facial expression, he doesn't like Michelle either.

I feel the same way, Charlie.


  1. OMG I totally feel you. Between work, kids, blogging/broswing, Facebook...I seem to never get a thing done. I could log in with every intention to just spend a few minutes catching up & before you know it, 2 hours pass. I'm getting better though. I try to make sure all my stuff is done before I do anything fun :]

    Procrastinators unite HERE :]

  2. I can relate - I'm a major procrastinator. Oh and I watch that stupid show too. Can't get even of the train wreck. I disliked Michelle and am so glad she is GONE! Brad is a loser - not sure why any of those girls want to be w/ him. Oh well.

  3. The Bachelor is unfortunately something I watch too, haha. Cute blog! I found you via FTLOB. I'm your newest follower!

  4. Congrats on being features on FTLOB!! Your blog is cute...almost as cute as that kitty :) Happy Thursday!

  5. I'm considering taking the Zumba teaching course this summer! I have two girlfriends that teach and they absolutely love it. I had a bad experience my first class with a teacher who had 0 idea of what she was doing! Oh, and the whitening strips hurt my teeth too! The things we do for "beauty"!

  6. Hi Lesley, congrats on being featured! Have you moved over to Ireland yet?

  7. The guilty pleasures that get us sidetracked from our to-do lists are wonderful! Mine is Real Housewives :) It's good to indulge and sounds like Michelle is a b****

  8. Haha...that is how Woods looks pretty much anytime I take a picture of him. I can never tell if it's because I'm taking a picture or because of other things (like what I'm watching)!

  9. @KT--they're probably thinking something like "I wish my human would get that stupid flash outta my face" haha.

    @Paula--I'll have to check out the Real Housewives. That's one I've yet to see!

    @Susi--Thank you! I'm headed over March 4!

    @KY--That stinks your first experience wasn't good. The instructor makes allllll the difference. Before I got certified, I only found one instructor I liked, which was sad considering there are more than 50 in my town right now.

    @TexaGermaNadian--Thank you!

    @...and that's a true story--Thank you and I'm following you, too!

    @Jodi--I know, right?

    @Angel--I agree. I think sometimes Facebook is the devil. It's a blackhole of unproductivity at times.

  10. I've awarded YOU with 2 awards today! :]

  11. Jeepers! Thanks Angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hahaha I loved this!! the Bachelor is definitely my guilty pleasure!
    You're a zumba instructor?! That would be SO fun.. if my booty would shake it the right way haha.
    I am loving your blog!!

  13. @Courtney B--I am a Zumba instructor! It is tons of fun...I'm totally addicted to Zumba and can't wait to get to Ireland to start teaching again. Thanks so much for stopping by...I'm a new follower of yours!!