Sunday, February 20, 2011

A little Monday funny

My husband, Barry, has a corner shop/news agent type of business where he works seven days a week, twelve hours a day.  As you can imagine, a schedule like this doesn't provide much time for running errands.  So, until I can get there, he is relying heavily on his family for help with errands.  One of the errands his family, in particular his dad, helps with is taking the garbage to the dump a few times a week.  Also, since his washer is broken, his mother has been helping him with his laundry for several weeks now.  Seems pretty straightforward, right?  Well, yes until the two errands cross...da da daaaaaa (that was supposed to by scary/mysterious type music there). 

A few weeks ago, Barry's dad popped into the shop saying something like: "Where's yer rubbish and yer laundry?"  As usual, he was going to take the garbage to the dump and then take Barry's laundry to his mother's house.  Barry then puts a couple of bags of garbage into his dad's car and a bag of laundry into the car.  Now, the laundry was in a different part of the car and in a different type of bag so the two would not get mixed up. How awful would that be to have your laundry confused for garbage and thrown in the dump, right?  And away his dad to the dump and to have Barry's laundry cleaned and both men continue on with their day. 

A few hours later, Barry's dad reappears in the shop and says something like: "Alright where's yer laundry now?"  Barry stares at him, confused.  "But, I gave it ti ye," Barry says.  "No ye didn't," his dad insists.  Suddenly, Barry realizes that his dad apparently didn't hear him earlier when he explained where his laundry was and when he got to the dump he assumed all three bags were garbage and thus all three bags, including Barry's clothes, were thrown in the dumpster.  I'm not sure what was said after that, but I'm sure it was something like, "Oh, shit." 

Since this incident, the running joke has been: Don't give anything to Barry's dad, he'll just throw it in the dump.  

Recently, I've been doing some online shopping before making the big move to Ireland...mostly at Argos, which I love.  I've been looking for new furniture and decorations...I've even bought a few things.  One of the most recent purchases from Argos were a couple of plum-colored lamps and a new cell phone.  As I mentioned before, Barry can't really get over to pick up any of this and it is not available for home delivery, so once again, Barry's dad must go run these errands.  Imagine my concern...what if he accidentally took my new lamps and cell phone to the dump, too?!  To ease my concern, Barry sent photos...kind of like ransom photos, if you will, of the products once it arrived safely.  What a relief it was to see he didn't take it to the dump! 

Barry's dad with the lamps:

Barry's dad with my new cell phone:


  1. Heh. He's all Captain Morgan-ing your lamps. Giggle.

  2. hhaahhahahaa i just saw this....haahhaaaa omg you are so dead lmao here....cant wait to show him his internet debut!!!!

  3. looks like your husband has a good sense of humor...


  4. When I see the photos of an Irish grocery shop it gives me Ireland nostalgy!
    I absolutely hated Argos!! I want to be able to see the stuff before buying.. the concept of having a shop full of catalogs seemed useless - why not just have a webshop???

  5. Now your husband needs someone to run an errand and buy him some new clothes! :)

  6. That's hilarious! And I agree with Mollie, looks like his dad is Captain Morgan-ing it up :)

  7. @ Mollie--I know...he just needs a sword to complete the look!

    @ Tales of a Hockey Wife--Yes, he does...he kinda has to I guess lol.

    @ Barry Concannon--Yes, tell Leo he's famous now.

    @Susi--I is frustrating to not get to be able to see it before you buy it...but I love how cheap the clearance items are haha.

    @Jodi--Yep...that will be my job when I get there lol.

  8. @KT--Yep...think we may have found his Halloween character for this year!

  9. So cute! His dad looks like a doll. Does he call him DA? I loved how you wrote the accent in!!

  10. Greetings from Southern California.

    I added myself to follow your blog.
    You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You, ~Ron