Thursday, June 30, 2011

Home for a visit

I'm headed stateside again this Saturday and I'm super excited.  I'm hoping for some really HOT sunshine and keeping my fingers crossed for no rain.  Please God, no rain...I can't take anymore rain.  I'm hoping to return to a few favorite summer hot spots.  Including the wave pool where I will go down these slides even though they give me supreme wedgies.
Then, I will dine on what can only be described as heaven...Taco Bell and their Nacho Bell Grande.  Yo Quiero Taco Bell.

Then, I'll chase it with some cool Iced Tea.

And, hopefully, I'll make it up to the lake.

Before eating some Pizza Hut.

Then, before I come home I'll have to call the airline and purchase another seat since I will probably eat so much my ass will expand.


  1. Enjoy your trip home!! I can read between the lines that you're super excited!

  2. Looks like you are in for a fun trip home. I am worried about having to order an extra seat on the plane when I come home from my trip home too, there is so much good food to be had when I go! PS: Those water slides totally look like they are worth the wedgies!

  3. Have so much fun at home and I hope the weather cooperates for you :)

  4. YEAH! Trips home are the best! I'm headed back to Texas next month and my whole vacation is planned around restaurants I'm going too!