Thursday, June 9, 2011

I feel like a sixteen year old again

But, not in a good way. Its amazing how moving to a new country can cause you to backtrack in age.  Let me explain.

Before I moved to Derry, I, of course, had a driver's license and a car and I had these things for a long time...about 16 years.  I also had a bank account with MY name on it and a debit card I could use anytime I wanted.  I was very independent.

Now, not so much.  I have no car OR driver's license here.  Which means I walk or take a taxi most places, which is fine.  But, oh how I miss driving a car with the music blaring and the sun shining in the summer time!
But, the kicker is, for me to be able to drive here, I have to RELEARN all the rules of the road and get lessons and take the test!  But, I already did this!  I did this when I was 16 years old!  Don't make me do it again!  Of course, if I had to do it again in the U.S., I wonder if I could pass again.  The only reason I passed the first time was because the guy giving me the exam had the same last name as me.  But, I mean, I wasn't a bad driver or anything (shut up Barry).

And, let me get started on the whole bank account thing.  Wow, the hoops I had to jump through to open a bank account were shocking!  I have to have my identification and proof of residence here like some sort of bill or invoice in my name.  I have my i.d., but no bill or invoice in my name.  I tried to get it worked out!  But, to get the electric bill or even my cell phone bill in my name they need two forms of i.d., one of which needs to be some type of bill!  Seriously?  I was going in circles. I finally found a way to work it out, but it took quite a long while. 

 Plus, I have no credit here. All the credit I've built in the U.S. doesn't transfer here.  I couldn't even get a cell phone in my own name because I have no background here.  Hmm...if I would have known that before I left the States, I could have went to town charging and not paying credit cards...hehe.  No, just kidding. Although, I coulda showed those credit cards who was boss!

So all the headache without the beauty of a sixteen year old. I certainly don't have the skin of a 16 year old!  Nope, my laugh lines are much more defined now.  And, what the hell happened to the pores on my face?  Wait, is that a skintag on my neck?  Where did that black hair come from?  When did that gray hair come in? No, my body is definitely not sixteen again, dammit.

So, anyway.  I wouldn't mind too awful much being 16 again, if it were the good parts of being know, like the, or the um....well.  Oh, I the foo..., no the hom... Wait, what are the good parts to being 16? It seems I can't really think of any.

Oh, I know!  A sweet sixteen party!  That is a good part!  I wonder if I could talk Barry in to throwing me a sweet sixteen party?  I'll work on that.  Look for it on MTV 'cause it'll be a bangin' super sweet sixteen!


  1. Hahahahahaha, that is Ireland in a nutshell! I suspected you would come to those troubles sooner or later. Proof of address, more important than ANYTHING in Ireland! And the famous circle. To get a bill you have to have a proof of address.. hahaha. Right now I can only laugh at it. But I know it is very frustrating. Ireland is THE country of bureaucracy, worse than any other place in the world, I'm sure! Wait until you look for a job (if you do) that requires a garda clearance (maybe they are called police in Northern Ireland). That is kinda funny:) Been there, done that...
    Good luck.

  2. Wow that is quite the vicious circle. If it makes you feel better, I have heard of a similar circle here in the US if you lose your birth certificate and social security card. You need your birth certificate (or passport) to get a social security card and you need your social security card to get a new copy of your birth certificate--lots of red tape :)

  3. Wow I didn't know you needed a new license? Well I think you really deserve a sweet sixteen party, dear ;)


  4. Ikes!but still sounds like such an adventure,esp.with a brand new husband to guide you at your side.

  5. I think being 16 sucks when you are 16, but Im 33 and I'd love to re-live 16. No bills to pay, no responsibility other than homework, no fear in a bikini, being able to eat whatever you want. Sigh. Being a grown up has it's benefits too though - like being able, confident enough & so in love that you can pick up your whole life & move to Ireland?? LOL

    Learning how to drive again might be fun actually. And think of all the giggles you & Barry will have if he helps you! :)