Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shape of this

Funny story. 

After teaching a Zumba class, I'm covered in sweat.  I don't  mean just tiny little beads of sweat gently trickling down my face...oh no.  I mean, I look like I just jumped into a swimming pool kind of sweat.  Not one piece of me is dry.  Here's a photo to give you an idea...well kind of...I look slightly more human than this, but just to make the story a little more dramatic.

So anyway, since we don't have a car here, I have to walk home after class.  Its not far, maybe a 6 or 7 minute walk, but when you're soaking wet, it doesn't make for a lovely stroll. I know I look ridiculous, but I always just hope that when people pass me while walking they assume I've just finished exercise (which is true) and that I don't always look like that (which I don't) and move on.  I think that is usually the case...until this past Thursday. 

You see, I finished my morning Zumba class on Thursday and began my walk home.  It was a beautiful, perfect and warm day here in Derry, so there were a lot more people out and about than usual.  As I was walking, I saw these two girls, approximately in their mid-twenties ahead of me.  They were dressed beautifully...perfect makeup, jewelry and clothes and they were coming towards me.

As we got closer, I saw them looking at me. One of them leaned over to the other and said, "Look at the shape of this."  Of course, they were talking about me and post-Zumba wet look.  I wanted to say something snarky in response, but I didn't I just kept walking and laughed quietly to myself.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't offended.  I knew the shape of me was quite disastrous looking.  In fact, I was quite amused.  Amused because I probably would have said the same thing and I probably have said the same thing.  I know I certainly have been around when Barry points out the state of people.  I've heard him say, "Look at the shape of this," several times. And, usually when he does, I turn around to see what poor soul is coming towards us and believe me...the shape of them isn't good.  The difference is that Barry and I would have waited until we were out of the badly "shaped" person's hearing before saying anything.  That's what amused me about the incident the other day.  Perhaps the lovely girls thought I didn't speak English, or perhaps they thought I was deaf.  Anyway, doesn't matter.  It gave me a funny story to tell Barry once I got home...and after I showered, of course. 


  1. Come on, it should be a universal thing that you wait until you're out of earshot of a person before talking about the "shape of them."

    Good for you for not letting it get to you! After all, you'd just finished exercising, what do they expect?

  2. And you know what? You're probably more in shape than they are. Mingers.

  3. Wow what an interesting expression and how rude of them to say it within earshot. I'm with Mollie, you could probably run laps around them :)