Friday, June 24, 2011

Will you wash my clothes?

I'm a slave to dirty clothes. It seems I spend the majority of the week either washing clothes, pulling clothes out of the washer to dry (oh how I miss a tumble dryer) or folding clothes and putting them away. Dear God. It is only me and Barry here...I can't imagine when we have kids. I won't have time to eat for the laundry then!

Of course, I know the biggest part of the problem with the monstrous amount of laundry is my constant Zumba-ing. Because, well, I sweat like a whore in church when I'm teaching Zumba...and, I have about nine classes a week now...all of which require a change of clothes.

So, I'm sick of laundry. This week, instead of doing the laundry I said, "screw it." I was going to wait as long as possible before tackling the beast. And I did...I waited. I waited over a week before doing a load of laundry. Then, yesterday arrived and it had been one week and a day since I washed clothes. I was feeling quite proud of myself even though there was no room in the hamper for anymore articles of clothing...what was in there had already piled out of the side and onto the bathroom floor. But, I didn't care...I was proud...that was until I walked into the bathroom yesterday morning and noticed the hamper was missing. I looked around the bathroom confused. I knew I certainly didn't move it. I wandered around the apartment looking for the pile of stinky clothes and there it was...sitting in the kitchen in front of the washer (the washers are usually in the kitchens here for my American friends)! Gasp! "What the...?" I muttered.

Right on cue, Barry popped upstairs from the shop. He was whistling. "Um, is this your subtle way of telling me to do the laundry?" I ask in a sarcastic tone.

"Here we go...I knew this was goin' to turn in ti a whole handlin'." He returns the sarcasm.

"Well, it must moved it from the bathroom to the kitchen." Of course, I know these clothes need to be washed...I know I've been a lazy laundry doer. And, since Barry doesn't really have time to do it working seven days a week I've usually just done it...but jeez...make it stop sometime, seriously.

"Naw! I was jist bein' nice. It was heavy and I didn't want ye ti have ti carry it up the stairs here." I believe him. "Believe me," he continues, "if ye wanna have a contest ti see who could go the longest without clean clothes I'm all fir it. I have more than enough to last me. I don't care if ye do a wash or not, sure."

And, I know he's right. I need my clean clothes so I can put them on to go and get all sweaty again, so I don't take him up on the contest. Instead, I washed clothes, dammit. And, Friday night...they are still being washed and dried.


  1. I am right with you, hating to wash clothes and would go without if I didn't have kids that need clean undies/socks/shirts and

  2. This is quite funny! I am also always feeling like I am doing laundry despite it just being two of us as well. I can't stand though when it all piles up like crazy and then seems to take forever to wash/dry it all! very sweet of your hubby though!

  3. I. Hate. Doing. Laundry. Hate it. I put it off as long as possible, which is about a week. I do the laundry every Friday, with the full intention of completing it before the weekend. But somehow the washing and drying and folding and hanging up always stretches into the weekend. ARGH.

  4. lol! It reflects my own thoughts. I hate doing laundry. In fact, it's Sunday here and it's laundry time, already past 3pm and I'm still here blogging. Would do the laundry when I feel so tired with my laptop and make laundry last minute.

    Who am I kidding? This scheme works for now because hubby does not live with me yet. Wait for next month and my laundry gets doubles. I do laundry just once a week, I wonder how I'd survive if I need to do for hubby too.

    Screw dirty laundry. If I were just rich.

    offbeat marriage

  5. I too hate laundry with a passion! Ironically in our house it is usually J who runs out of clean clothes before I do :) Not having a functional washer and dryer and having to rely on our neighbors when they are out of town or going to the laundry mat (and washing 9 loads while I'm there) might have something to do with my hatred though!

  6. I love how you even type his Irish accent. It makes me laugh a little. Very cute. I too hate doing laundry though!

  7. I reckon you should take the challenge!
    also, how weird is it having the laundry in the kitchen? and how it takes forever to dry over there. no natural sunshine to dry it for you.

  8. I am a laundry doing freak. I did 12 loads of laundry the instant we got home from our two week camping/road trip. I don't think I could even get sick of it. When I first moved here though, we didn't have a dryer, and I went 3 weeks without doing laundry, because I hate not having a dryer. I almost went insane during that dark time of my life haha. I can never be without a dryer again!