Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dry wet clothes

Last night I put a load of laundry in the washer, but I didn't start the machine.  I decided to wait until the morning to start it so I could add a few more items.  I went to bed.  When I woke up this morning, I noticed that all the clothes that I put in the machine the night before were now lying on the drying rack.  They appeared to have been washed.  I was pleased!  My first thought was "how sweet, Barry started the washer AND hung the clothes up to dry before work!"  

Excited about Barry's thoughtfulness, I took a shower while humming a happy tune (not really, but we'll pretend I live in a Disney movie for the moment.  Yes, we'll go with that, and the tune I was humming was Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da).  In between my rinse and repeat cycle, I realized that Barry couldn't have had time to do the laundry before work.  First of all, a wash cycle takes about an hour and he wouldn't have been out of bed long enough before work to start one, wait for it to finish and then take them all out.  Second of all, the washer is so loud, I would have heard it running.  Then, it came to me.  Barry thought the load in the washer had already been washed when in fact it hadn't.  He was certainly being helpful, he just didn't realize he was taking dirty, smelly clothes out of the washer.  He thought they were clean (we won't mention how dry the clothes were since that certainly should have been a hint they hadn't been washed yet.  We'll just say it was really early in the morning so anyone would have missed that, right?  I mean, not everyone's freshly washed clothes come out of the washer wet, right?  No?).

Anywho, after I realized what happened, I called Barry.

Me:  Aww, baby, you washed the laundry today?
Barry: Aye.  Uh, well, I took the clothes out of the washer ti dry.
Me:  Um, well, those clothes were dirty.  I didn't wash them yet.
Barry: (Silence) Yer jokin', right?
Me:  Um, no.  They were dirty.
Barry:  Awk, jeez, I was tryin' ti be helpful.  Ye f&*%"^ serious?
Me:  Um, yeah.  They were dirty.  Did you not notice how dry they were?
Barry: Aye, I thought they were really dry, I just thought they dried that fast overnight.
Me: (Can't stop laughing as I hang up the phone to put the clothes back in the washer.)

Bless his little Irish heart...he was being helpful. It's all good now though...the clothes have been washed properly and they came out of the washer wet, too.


  1. HAHAHAHA!! Man Oh Man, this is 100% something my fiance would do!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awww! Sweet, but...damn. I think my boyfriend would do this too. Silly men, when will they learn?

  3. Hahaha. That is so sweet and hilarious! I wouldn't put this move past my bf.

  4. How funny!!! A Disney movie? Zip-a-dee-do-dah! You are so funny and I think Barry is so sweet for "trying"- so let's give an A for Effort! I love how he said "Yer jokin, right?"...xo

  5. Oh, even the best intentions...ha! My husband would totally do something like this. In fact, he probably has.

  6. Wow. I rarely get The Man taking anything out of the wash.

    Hey! Do you have a dryer? A real, honest-to-goodness one?

  7. @Mollie--No no dryer here...Oh how I miss the dryer
    @Katie--They're all the same lol
    @Sherri--Yup says it all the time too
    @Lindsay--I think they do it on purpose
    @Erin Dawn--Never
    @KY--Whatdya do? lol