Monday, June 20, 2011

Take That take this

Take That at Croke Park, Dublin.  June 2011.

This weekend, even though I felt as if I was at death's door with a stomach virus, I ventured down to Dublin to see the band, Take That.  A lot of Americans wouldn't know this group very well, so for you guys, it's the group that Robbie Williams got his start in.   Opening for Take That was the Pet Shop Boys.  When I figured out the Pet Shop Boys were going to be there, I was excited since I remember I used to really like the Pet Shop Boys and their songs like West End Girls and What Have I Done To Deserve This.  Of course, in comparison, Take That blew the Pet Shop Boys out of the water.  Anyway, since this has the potential to be a lengthy post, I'm going to do a list of the highlights and lowlights of the weekend, some of which are not entirely Dublin or concert related.  As tradition goes...we'll do lowlights first. Here goes.


  • The lack of cable in the hotel.
  • The general expensiveness of Dublin...seriously?  20 Euro for breakfast?
  • Being molested by the Greek gentlemen at a club, before I kindly told him to stop F&$£^&@ touching me!  Yes, I used those exact words, which only seemed to encourage him to keep rubbing on me.  He eventually left. 
  • Finding out that Barry had trapped one of our cats inside our sofa bed while I was away.  Yes, he's alright. I still think he's trying to kill them, if you remember this post.
  • Watching a girl puke up what could only be described as chunky pink pate right in front of me and nearly on my feet. 
  • The two lady lovers who decided to block our view of the concert with their own version of So You Think You Can Dance? and a little kissin' and a gropin'.

  • The Mexican salad I had for dinner Saturday night at Elephants and Castle right down from Temple Bar.
  • Being told by a drunken bar patron at Temple Bar once he heard we were going to see Take That that he had something better than Take was called Take This (as he motions towards his crotch of course).
  • The comfy beds at the hotel.
  • The good weather.
  • Seeing a taxi man run over a keg of beer in the middle of a street.  Yes, a keg of beer in the middle of the street.
  • Seeing the aforementioned lady lovers being scolded by security for blocking the view of other concert goers.
  • The fact that the aforementioned puking girl was not me.
  • Being at Croke Park, which holds 80,000 people.  And, it was sold out, folks.  
Now, enjoy some music.


  1. Wow! Very...interesting trip. :) I hate when someone pukes around always triggers my gag reflex. Even reading about it kind of did...Glad there were some highlights, despite the PDAs and puke :)

  2. What a fun weekend!!! Even with the lows, it sounds like it was a blast :)

  3. I am impressed you didn't puke when the girl puked next to you--I would have, especially if I was already feeling queasy :) All in all, it sounds like it was a fun concert!

    Pet Shop Boys is a great band name too...very creative!

  4. was all I could do not to puke
    @Texa...sure was did me too

  5. Came across your blog today... I used to love TT growing up, though I've never been to a concert. Your post was fun to read and it looked like it was an awesome event!

    ♥ Bibi