Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The fall of Fort America

Well, Fort America came down over the past two days and I think we have our place in a little bit of order now, complete with a new sofa, which is what that blurry tiny picture above is.  Barry has had to take the past couple of afternoons off to help me unpack and organize.  Honestly, I think he felt he had to after I threw a box of hats and scarves across the room in frustration by my never ending task of unpacking Fort America (I don't handle stress well).  Now, Barry says I aimed the box at his face, but I think he's being a little dramatic.  In all honesty, I was aiming at his groin nothing in particular.  (Barry, if you're reading this...I wuv u and kiss kiss!).  For those not sure what I'm talking about when I say Fort America, check out my last post here.

Anyway, most of the unpacking is done and after we worked a few hours on it per day, we've taken little strolls around the town.  Yesterday, we went "down the town" as you would say here and walked around before going in to an O2 shop to activate my new mobile phone (which has not been the easierst to use.  I'm a BlackBerry gal and having a new touch screen Android operating system is proving quite a challenge).  It almost seemed like a different town than the last time I was here (May 2010).  The last time I was here, the town was bustling with people.  It didn't matter what time of day it was, you'd always see a crowd, however yesterday was quite different.  It was extremely quiet in the town, down every street and in every shop...it was eerie almost.  Just a striking reminder of the pretty crappy economic times we're in right now. 

One of the really cool things about being here, at least I think so at the present moment, is not having a car.  Coming from America, we need cars to get us EVERYWHERE.  Here, not so much.  It is a nice feeling to know that I don't need a car and therefore don't have to worry about car payments, taxes, insurance and all the other headaches joys of being a car owner.  Of course, the first time I want to venture around the country, I'll be cursing the day I ever said I enjoyed not having a car. 

More good news, I was able to secure a facility to begin teaching Zumba classes here.  Hooray!  I've missed teaching lately.  Lucky for me, the place, Pilot's Row, is close enough to walk to since, you know, I don't have a car and all. 

Tomorrow will be another teeny adventure.  My National Insurance interview.  Not quite sure what to expect when it comes to that, but I guess I'll know soon enough! 


  1. I think it would be nice not to need a car. That's great about the Zumba. I have been wanting to try a class, but think I would suck at it. Glad you are getting settled.

  2. Best of luck with Fort America :-)
    And don't worry, I lived over there for six years without a car (loved that) and was fine, you'll be grand! x

  3. Happy unpacking! n moving around town without having to worry about car parking sounds a lot better.

    PS: i dont hav a car so its gotta sound btr!

  4. @sara louise lol yes it's GRAND alright...you're gonna do great kid and will be the numero uno teacher in the town!!!

  5. Glad to hear Fort America is on its last leg! Good luck with your review tomorrow :)

  6. yay for progress. Lemme tell ya... if you loved driving before, even just a little bit, you might find yourself clawing yourself because you can't just get up and go. At least, that's how it was for me.

    hope your Zumba classes are a major success! I'd take your class.

  7. YAY!!! I am so excited for you..well...and jealous as well! I would LOVE to visit Ireland! One of the few places I would like to visit sometime in my life! Ireland, Iceland and Italy!

  8. @LesleyRH--you are an imposter! I see my wee hubbers has posted using my name. But, thanks anyway babe!
    @Mrs. Sherman--OOOO I've wanted to go to Iceland too!
    @Mollie--Just pop on over for class...seems close enough on the map:)
    @KT--Interview went well...I should now be able to get sick here with a National Insurance Number :)
    @Nabo--yes, I'm quite enjoying it
    @Sara Louise--Yes, it's very unAmerican of me lol
    @Cakeologist--you should try Zumba! It's not about how good you dance it's just about shakin' what ya got!!

  9. Farewell Fort America! How nice your hubby helped you unpack. I want to try zumba! Never done it, but it sounds like a blast. :)

  10. You'll be fine without a car, and so happy for you that you can start teaching again!! Enjoy!

  11. I actually clicked on your Zumba site coming over to your blog. Looks great!! Best of luck with that. I have still yet to try it, but it really does sound awesome. Sorry to hear about the fort (haha) hope ya'll have a great weekend!