Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Hangover

And, I'm not talking the funny movie, The Hangover, which happens to be one of my all time favorites. No, there's definitly not a gorgeous Bradley Cooper in this version of the hangover.  I'm talking about my damned hangover.  Yep, you got it kids...I feel like absolute shit today.  Courtesy of a few bottles of Cabernet and Pinot Noir.

With my last week in America lunch and dinner tour well underway, I had dinner at Bridge Road Bistro with one of my college besties last night where we consumed a bottle of Australian Cabernet because Jerry the waiter said it was delish.  He was right, it was delish and we drank the whole bottle.  I'm not typically a wine drinker.  I know nothing about wine...if it is nutty, dry, fruity, whatever, I have no clue.  To me, it either tastes good or it doesn't.  Obviously the Australian Cabernet was yummy.

Well, by the end of dinner we still weren't done talking so the party continued at my buddy's house with a bottle of Pinot Noir.  Yeah, it was pretty good too, but then again I had been drinking and more than likely anything would have tasted good at that point.  The drinking, laughing and reminiscing continued until I knew I was drunk and I KNEW if I consumed anymore, the chances of me re-examining my recent food choices (i.e. puking my guts out) would considerably increase.  So, I got my butt home to go to bed. 

Once in my comfy bed, I struggled.  I felt the vomit stirring.  I didn't want it to come...I prayed it wouldn't come because I hate to throw up (who does?).  Mostly, I didn't want to puke because I had eaten a super scrumptulicious crab cake for dinner and I knew if I saw it in reverse, I would never again want to eat a crab cake and the Bridge Road Bistro's crab cakes are too good to never eat again.  So, after much internal self talk and reassurance, I managed to fall asleep without worshipping the porcelain God. 

The thing is, when I woke up today, hungover, I was mad at myself because I had a huge list of things to get done!  Trying to complete a checklist of running errands while hungover is NOT FUN! But, I put on my big girl pants and "took my oil" as they would say in Derry and proceeded with my errand running. 

As I sit here now typing, I'm still hungover.  But, I had a sweet time with my friend and I can't imagine wanting a glass of wine in a very long time. 


  1. I always love a good Whopper the morning after a hangover!

    Hope you are feeling better.....


  2. This is great! You'll be thinking twice now won't you!!! I couldn't get an e-mail to you because it kept bouncing back. If you go over to my site at there is something waiting for you. Great site guys!

  3. @Tales--I had a dose of Wendy's! :)

  4. chuckles for the lunch and dinner tour phrase. Love it~!
    Water, some form of headache remover pill and back to bed with ye.

  5. I've totally been there (try January when we were home for a week for New Years) although I ended up worshiping the porcelain God and still was hung over :(

    A double-double from In-N-Out snapped me out of it!

  6. Oh goodness, haven't we all been there? A big fat burger always helps me out, haha.