Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Poop and cats

Yep, that's what's on my mind right now.  Poop and cats. 

Why poop?  Well, because the pipes in our nearly 150 year old building (estimate) that Barry and I live in clogged something awful today and whoa, what a nightmare it was trying to unclog months or years of crap (literally) and other things that have clogged up the plumbing.  Well, I wasn't the one having to unclog the pipes.  Luckily, we had a plumber who did it and who in all honesty deserves a metal for what he endured and fixed today. 

What I did have to clean and fix however was the poop water that spilled onto our pristine bathroom floor which had managed to shoot up from our toilet outta nowhere. Insert gagging noise here. Don't worry, we were able to remove some of our newly purchased items which you can see here so they weren't ruined. 

So after an afternoon of plumbing unclogging or whatever and poop water cleaning, the flat is back to its pristine status once again...thankfully. 

So where does the cats part of the title come in?  Right here.  Because now, I'm going to cry about how much I miss my two furry punkin heads Charlie and Fox.  Apart from seeing them on Skype, courtesy of my brother, the cat whisperer, I haven't seen or petted or heard their sweet purrs in two weeks and four days!  And, it will be another several weeks until I return to the States to pick them up to bring them back to Ireland with me.  I wuv u Charlie and Fox!

Luckily the cat whisperer is staying with them and making sure all their feline needs are met down to snuggles, treats and of course...poop scooping duties.

That's Charlie on the left and Fox on the right. 


  1. As soon as I started reading I was thinking "Oh No! The new shower curtain!" Glad to know the bath purchases were not ruined.

    Sounds like a shitty day:)

  2. OH MAN. No way would I be a plumber. :(

  3. Wait, what? I thought you were able to take your kitties! You had them all quarantined and everything. How did I get that wrong?

  4. Aww Lesley I'm sorry! I know how hard it is when you are away from your furbabies :(

    Glad your brother is able to take care of them until you are able to come and get them...do they react to your voice when you are on Skype with them? Woods always did when J and I were apart this summer!

  5. oooh so sad your cats aren't with you right now!! :(

  6. Wow! All I can say is wow to that plumbing story . . . sorry. Good thing it's getting fixed! :)

  7. @cakeologist-a shitty day is right!
    @Erin Dawn--I know...couldn't pay me enough!
    @Mollie--No, I didn't have to get them quarantined thankfully. They are still at my old apartment in the States and my brother has been kind enuff to stay there with them until they were eligible to enter Ireland without having to go through quarantine. They will be able to come over in April so that is why I had to leave them temporarily and once they come over then, they can go home directly with me. It was sort of a 6 month waiting process in the states versus a 6 month quarantine in Ireland with their PETS scheme they have. They had to have tests and shots, etc. done and then had to wait for six months in the states OR they could have come here and been quarantined for six months and endured the tests and shots here and I couldn't do that to my poor babies. Kinda a long winded explanation there lol.
    @Renee--I know.
    @true story--really, lol.
    @KT--They do...they usually come running to the computer when I talk to them in my "special" kitty voice. lol.