Friday, March 25, 2011

What is a sheowwww?

I've noticed the similarities in commericials here in Ireland to ones back in the States.  Sometimes it is just the same commercial with an English accent thrown in there and sometimes it is the same commercial jingle and dialogue except a different product, but more or less, these commericials are the same.  Every time I came to visit before I moved to Ireland, I took note of a few commericials and it is no different now, so I thought I'd share these lovely wee finds with you.  I don't know why these entertain me so much but they do. Perhaps they will entertain you as well.Enjoy!

Windshield, Windscreen, same dif!

 The American Safelite commercial:

The Irish/U.K. equivalent:

Changing a letter and an accent but still the same. Hair loss is no joke!

The American Rogaine Commercial:

The Irish/U.K. Regaine equivalent:

Apparently, cleaning bottles can talk in BOTH countries!

The American Mr. Clean Magic Eraser commercial:

The Irish/U.K. equivalent:

Okay, well I couldn't find the video for the equivalent anywhere online, but it does exist, I swear.  I saw it once and it was almost exactly the same as the American version with the uneducated talking bottles, except instead of Magic Eraser it was advertising a spray cleaner, the name of which escapes me at the present moment.  I just really wanted to post the American version because I love when he asks "what is a sheoww?"


  1. So true, in belgium it are the same variants only in dutch :)

  2. OMG I crack up at the Mr Clean commercial EVERY TIME the spray asks what a "shoe" is. I'm glad to know someone else out there is goofy as me.