Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm going to build a fort

Exhausted, I arrived in Derry this past Saturday.  I went straight to bed 'cause I was tired and 'cause I was greeted by the fifteen or so boxes I had shipped over the past several months and that made me sad.  The thought of unpacking those boxes along with my suitcases made me want to sleep for days.  Which, I almost did. 

At approximately 2pm on Sunday, Barry summoned me from my snuggly bed to come down to the shop where two little girls were anxiously awaiting me.  They couldn't wait to practice their American accents on me. 

The little girls, who decided to call themselves Cindy and Jessie because they think that sounds more American than their actual names, promptly greeting me with a bouquet of tulips and showered me with their Americanisms which mostly consisted of "Yeah, Man!" and "That's totally awesome, Dude"!  Cindy even told me I sounded nothing like what she expected me to sound, so I think I disappointed them a wee bit.  I'll have to work on my American accent a little more.  Here we are:

And, here is my mountain of boxes, clothes, luggage and shit that I have to work on unpacking.  I think perhaps I'll build a fort instead.  And I'll name it Fort American and I'll go there to practice my American accent and perfect my Americanisms.  See ya in a few days kids--once my fort is complete.Or, maybe once all this stuff is put away. 


  1. Yeah!! You made it! I hope you have a wonderful new "country" and you enjoy yourself. Don't rush on have plenty of time. Take it slow, and enjoy your time with your husband!!


  2. I've been hoping you made it safe! How're the kitties holding up?

  3. Yaay! Welcome to Ireland, or whatever I can say! Hehehe, those little girls look soooo.. Irish! But does Barry and his familt consider themselves being Irish or British?

  4. Yay for being in Ireland! Can I come play in your fort with you? I'm American! :)

  5. dat was so sweet of d two girls! u r so lucky 2 hav ppl around u who care so much about u!

  6. I always wanted a box fort! Next time I move, I'm doing it.

  7. this is so exciting and what a cute idea!

  8. @hockey wife--yes, I did...phew!
    @Mollie--kitties are still in the States with my brother...I'll go back and get them next month.
    @Susi--oh most definitely Irish
    @true story--of course, we'll work on coming up with new American catch phrases to pass on the world
    @nabo--I am!
    @Lauren--You should...take pics of it!
    @renee--thank ya!

  9. oops! I was signed in under hubby's name...that was me...not barry :)

  10. How cute are those little girls! I bet they would have fun in your American fort :)

    We had a big pile like that when we moved too--granted I was moving from California to St. Louis but I know how overwhelming it can feel! I try to take it a box at a time and take lots of breaks which seems to help!

    Good luck!!

  11. oh they are adorable! good luck with all the unpacking - that's never the funnest thing

  12. Those girls are adorable! Haha - I've got family over there & they're always surprised when they meet my friends - I'm from NY and I think they expect us all to sound like the cast of The Sopranos! LOL