Saturday, March 12, 2011

I can shop anywhere

In betwixt my unpacking I, of course, made a little time for some shopping.  I had to girl up Barry's bachelor pad a bit.  So, I thought I'd share with you a couple of my recent findings.  I hunted and gathered these items on the same day.  However, next time I will have to do it in small doses as carrying an armful of goods such as these is not fun when you have to walk down a hill and then up a hill to get home (if you recall, we no have-y a car-y).  Well, I won't do it again. I learned my lesson after carrying all these items home with me, tucked under my arms, the other night. It was a struggle and I have the bruises on my leg to show for it (because the shower rod kept hitting me with every stride). Now when I say I won't do it again, lemme be clear.  I mean I won't buy that many things at the ONE time again, I don't mean I won't ever buy anything again...ha...that's just crazy talk!

But, once I arrived home, bruised and out of breath, I was happy because I had been victorious in finding pretty objects to girlify Barry's crib and I had survived my 15 minute walk of retail shame with just a few minor injuries.

The new crystal light cover I discovered at TK Maxx...what a gem!

And, I so love this mirror!

I just had to have the red, I need more red stuff.  No problem! I will find it!

I'm so having an affair with a shower curtain and bath mat right now.  But, look at 'em...wouldn't you be too!

The next item I did not purchase on the same walkabout as I did the previous items. Yesterday, I had to stop in to the doctor's office to pick up some registration papers and I got lost happened to try a different way home.  But, how lucky was I that on my new route I discovered a shoe shop that had these awesome boots for £10?! Now, that's what I call a beautiful day!

This week Barry and I are watching his two nieces while their parents are, coincidentally, in America.  Stay tuned as I'm sure I will have some great stories to share!


  1. I LOVE that shower curtain! So worth the bruises. Haha!

  2. OMG...Love the boots! Is TK Maxx like Tj MaXX?


  3. I love the tulips and the light cover! I don't think I could have managed to carry all that home by myself...I would have dropped and broken most of it.

  4. I too want to have an affair with your shower curtain! they are so beautiful!

  5. omg you carries all that stuff, how did you do that? :D Love the mirror!

  6. Those are some great additions to your place! I especially love the chandelier and shower curtain :) Have fun with your nieces this week!

  7. Super cute finds! I especially love the chandelier and mirror!

  8. @Jodi--yes they are worth it!
    @Tales--Yep, just like a TJ's
    @Cakeologist--I'm kinda surprised I didn't break them myself
    @Nabo--I'm sure something could be arranged for ya! lol
    @Renee--I don't know...musta been adrenaline lol
    @KT--they are wearing me it Friday yet lol
    @true story--Thank ya!