Saturday, April 30, 2011

Meow to the Meaye

This post has the potential to be the longest post ever...but, I'll try to not do that. As you know, I've been in the States for the past two weeks getting a few things finished up and visiting with friends and family.  It was a good time and I certainly miss it already. But, I'm back in Ireland now.

Yep, I, along with my two snuggle bear cats, made it back to Derry yesterday.  We made it alive and well...just a little emotionally disturbed.  Well, I speak for myself.  Charlie and Fox seemed to handle the move much better than I did.  Just ask the woman who had to sit beside me on my flight from JFK to Dublin.  The woman who had to listen to me tell her the story of how my cats were in the cargo and how terrified I was that they were going to die...of course I told this story as I had tears and snot running down my face.  God love her for not relocating to a different seat. 

Anywho, after eight months of planning, vet appointments, stress, worry and paperwork, the pet move is now complete and now I'd like to introduce you to my favorite letters:  E R L E I F. Well, they are actually my new favorite letters when they are put in this order: RELIEF.  Relief that the move is done.  Nothing left to plan, pack, organize or potentially kill (I was convinced my oldest ten year old cat was going to die during the move but he didn't). Glory glory.  I've not felt relief in such a long time it is quite a foreign feeling.  But, one I'm confidant I'll get used to in no time. 

So, now that the pet move is done, I'll share a funny story with you about the pet move from yesterday.  After Barry picked my up at the airport where I stood in tears and waited for him.  I told him I was sure Charlie was dead.  There was no way his old ticker could have survived a fearful flight like that.  He tried comforting me.  It didn't work. We drove to the veterinary office,while I cried, where my two cats had been transported to be examined by a vet.  We arrive at the vet office the same time as the truck carrying Charlie and Fox arrive.  We couldn't see them being unloaded, but we knew it was them.  We walk to the front of the building.  Barry goes inside to see if they are alive because I'm a basket case because I just knew they were dead...scared to death from the plane noise. Barry goes in alone.  I wait outside.  Here is the conversation that followed between Barry and the gal behind the front desk.

Barry: We are here to pick up the cats.
The gal:  Aye, they just arrived.
Barry:  Are they alright?
The gal: Aye.
Barry:  Are they living?
The gal: (a silent, confused paused) Aye.
Barry: They're not dead?  They ARE alive?
The gal: (in between giggles)Aye, they're grand.
Barry: Right then (exits the building to tell me to calm the f$"*& down.  They're not dead.).

So, then I cry in relief.  We get in the car, drive home and the cats are adjusting quite well I have to say.  Of course, a little Feliway pheromone diffuser helped but all in all everything is going well.  The cats are settling in nicely as you can see.
Charlie found a sunspot.

Fox likes his new sofa.
Now, they are just working on their new Irish accents.  Instead of meow, they will now say meaye. And, as for Barry, he is adjusting to having new fur babies as well. I told him it wouldn't be long before he'd be telling me stories about something that happened between him and the cats.  And, I was right.  Just this afternoon, he told me about something that Charlie did this morning while he was getting ready for work.  I've turned him already.  A cat lover he is indeed.


  1. Welcome back! I'm glad the cats survived, haha. I hope the Irish cats don't laugh at your cats' American meows.

  2. That conversation made me laugh out loud. Love it! It reminded me so much of something my husband would do for me. And I would have been a basket case, too, for sure. Those are your fur babies after all. So glad they made it fine and are settling in. And congrats on converting another cat lover. One day, we shall rule the universe!

  3. just to let you people know im resisting the change!!!!...and that is actually how that conversation fairness they are no trouble...SO FAR ;)

  4. Awwww, I am feeling for you on this post! I would have been so worried too. And what a nice lady you sat next to :) SOoooo glad the move is over, what an awesome feeling! We just got done moving home from the summer and the relief is the best part.

  5. Good to know that they made it back safe and sound and that they are enjoying there new home. Judging by the pictures theys seem to be happy with their new living arrangements!

  6. I'm so glad to hear everything turned out so well! I can't imagine how scared and nervous you were--I'd be a complete trainwreck :)

    It doesn't take long for cats to win people over, I tell ya!

  7. @true too!
    @Katie...I already have my throne :)
    @Texa...hope you enjoy your summer!
    @Ross...they are doing well indeed.
    @KT...they can turn on the charm!

  8. They're grand! Aye, I miss Dublin!

  9. Yay! Glad you all made it in one piece

  10. @Sara Louise---Aye...I'm starting to say it all the time too
    @Lauren--me tooooo