Saturday, April 2, 2011

The pants fall down

So they do.  Today, I'll share a little embarrassing story with you.  You see, I have a favorite pair of Zumba bottoms I wear.  They are pink and sparkly and girly so, of course, I love them.  The only bad part about them is that they are a little big...but, they are spandex-y, so shouldn't be a problem, right?  Hmm...wrong. 

I've never wore these particular bottoms while teaching a class...only when taking a class.  These bottoms have a little problem with riding down while I'm moving around but since I've always been just taking a class and not teaching and in view of everyone while wearing them, I've wore them and allowed myself occasional moments to pull them back into place while attending Zumba classes. 

This past Wednesday, when I pulled the hot pink glittery spandex beauts from my drawer, my memory failed me.  I forget these lovelies like to work themselves down my booty when I'm wiggling and jiggling, so I put them on to go teach my fourth Zumba class here in Derry.  The class I teach while I'm being watched by many on a stage. 

So here we the middle of said Zumba class and I'm quickly reminded of the looseness of my Zumba bottoms as I find them riding down.  I am constantly pulling them up in front of everyone.  Now, I don't get embarrassed usually straightening my clothing up while teaching a class...we all need to make adjustments at times.  And, I didn't this time either. So, of course, I had to occasionally pull my Zumba bottoms up at times just to make sure they stayed on.  No biggie.

However, my big mouth never fails me when it comes to embarrassing myself. So, when I was making my pull up adjustments, I kept saying, " Sorry, my pants are falling down."  I said this everytime I readjusted them because well, everyone could see me, so why not make a joke and a funny face while doing it and explain what I was doing.  The embarrassing part of this however didn't hit me until after class.  And I'm so disappointed in myself because I knew better.  I had been told this before, but for some reason, it never registered in my American mind.  So here it is...what Americans call pants, the Irish call trousers.  What Americans call underwear or panties, the Irish call pants.  So, basically what I was shouting out during my Zumba class was the equivalent to, " Sorry, my panties/underwear keep falling down." 

Lesson learned.  I'll never make that mistake again.  I just hope they knew what I meant. 

Oh,'s the culprit now.  So, we meet again pink Zumba, I mean trousers.  Dammit!


  1. Oh my gosh!!!!! This is the best language "barrier" post yet! I would throw those pants away!! Lolol

  2. Hahaha! Oh no! Did anyone say anything to you, or did you just realize it. :) I am sure they got a good chuckle but just think you are more endearing for the moment!
    Besides the pants falling down, I am so glad it is going well and you are still loving it!

  3. Ooohhh! Ha! Ha! Now that is funny! Lesson learned in deed. I can't imagine what I would feel if that happened.You don't realize what effect a difference in language has until something like this happens!!

  4. Oh yikes! So then what do they call what we call trousers? Or do they not have a word for business casual/dockers type pants...I mean leg coverings?

  5. Oh no! Gotta love language barriers...isn't it funny how different American English can be from English/Irish English?

    By the way, I found your blog through a weekend of hopping, and I'm loving it :)

  6. How funny!

    I just found your blog and am loving what i'm seeing:)

    Can't wait to read more from you ♥

  7. @Rachel--I think I may!
    @Texa--No, no one said anything...I just realized on my own and was mortified lol
    @Ross--yes little things like that that make it sooooo embarrassing
    @Lauren--hmm...good question I'm not sure...I'm thinking they are all trousers maybe?
    @Katie--Thx for stopping by!! I'll go check out your in a minute :)
    @the fancy flea--thanks for stopping by!!!

  8. I love this story! Why do they insist on calling underwear pants and confusing the crap out of us?! I had a housemate in London who asked her new (male) boss if the company preferred she wear black pants to work. He turned bright red and stammered something about not caring what kind of pants she wore to work. :D

  9. Hehe, that is hysterical!!! I really need to try a Zumba class sometime, it looks like so much fun!

  10. Check out my blog when you get a chance. :) Happy Tuesday!

  11. @Rachel---AWWWW thanks so much!!!!
    @Heather---you should...I promise you'll like it! that one is a good story...

  12. Hahahaha, best story EVER!!! I'm loving the language barrier!