Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Television in bed

One of the most difficult things to get used to with being married is not having a television (with cable) in the bedroom.  In my single days, that is where I watched television.  Honestly, it is the best place to watch tv because it's super comfy.  Anyway, the tv in the bedroom issue is quicky becoming our top marital archnemesis.  Barry doesn't like the noise of it...says he can't sleep.  I, however, cannot fall asleep WITHOUT the television.  After fifteen plus years of watching tv in bed, I find it incredibly difficult to go to sleep without the lull of some type of sitcom playing in the background.  My personal favorite is The Golden Girls.  Oh Blanche and her shenanigans...or Rose and her stupid stories.  I would kill to hear a Rose Nyland story right now!  Thank you for always being a friend Rose...Blanche...Dorothy...Sophia.   Where are my friends now?

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So, because I can't watch tv to lull me to sleep here, I'm pretty much awake all night long.  I've tried several nights of watching tv on the sofa (which just happens to be the most uncomfortable sofa in the entire universe), but it is not the same as in bed and it definitely doesn't have the same ability to ease me into a peaceful slumber as bedroom tv does.  Speaking of tv in bed, wouldn't this be the most awesome thing ever?  A tv that comes out of your bed?  I'm in love.

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It is no different tonight for the most part.  Right now, it is 3:30am and I'm wide awake while Barry and my two cats are sleeping in the bed in the deafening silence that is a bedroom without a tv.  The rat bastards.  I am on the world's worst sofa blogging and doing a little online shopping at Argos but what makes tonight slightly different is that our tv in the living room IS NOT WORKING!!!!  HELP ME!!!!  It was working when I tried to go to bed earlier but now it isn't!  PLEASE TV DON'T BE BROKEN!  You are the only noisemaker, aside from my computer, in the house!  *takes deep breath*  Okay, I need to pull myself together. 

So, I guess, I shall try this sleep thing again because I miss you sleep and because there's nothing left to do except clip my cats' claws and I'd hate to go wake them up to do that.  Side note: I found this photo here doing a Google image search and this woman looks so peaceful.  I hate her.  She is sleeping.  I am jealous.  What you can't see in this photo, I'm sure of, is a tv playing softly in the background.

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I need some new get to sleep tricks too, so if you have any please share because at this point I'm ready to go find a bottle of Nyquil for some forced sleep.  I've already tried counting sheep and I think I've already counted all the sheep in Ireland, which is a lot.  I've tried tracing the word SLEEP over and over in my mind because I was told that works too...it doesn't.  This is the end of this sleep deprived bloggers post for now.



  1. Have you tried Melatonin before? When we lived in Germany I was up until at least 5:30am every night....I just got my hands on Melatoning 5mg -- within 15 minutes my brain is totally clear and I can easily fall asleep and stay asleep for HOURS! I am not sure how easy it would be to find in Ireland (I couldn't find it in Germany)....but is a natural sleep sedative so perhaps you can find it in an herbal store or something?? Good luck - insomnia stinks!

  2. Do you do any puzzles (like Sudoku or crosswords?) If you get into the habit of doing them in bed, they are like their own magical sleeping pills! I can only do a few clues before drifting off. Good luck with your search for sleep. I am on the other end of jet lag right now, having a hard time staying up. We should combine our two, lol

  3. Great post! My boyfriend loves running the TV at night to help fall asleep. I am getting used to it but once in a while, it's just too overstimulating and frustrates me. We compromised by putting Nat Geo documentaries in the DVD player...the announcer's voice is sooo soothing!

    They say that running the TV is bad for you as the blue light radiating stimulates and reduces REM sleep. Who knows. I have had issues with sleeping in general and one of my surefire remedies is acupuncture treatments!

  4. wow you are the first woman I hear from she needs a tv to fall asleep :D honey, really you have to learn to sleep without because it isn't healthy at all! Read a book or drink some hot milk, take walk etc.? I hope sleep will find you very soon!!

  5. Like Christine, I had to adjust to the opposite when J and I moved in together. He loves falling asleep with the TV on and I was used to falling asleep reading a book or magazine. It's taken some getting to used to that's for sure!

    Warm milk always does the trick for me or cold milk with a warm item like a cookie or pie :)

  6. Try a warm bath with some lavender oil right before bed, really helps me to wind down! You'll get used to no TV soon and will actually get better sleep without it!

  7. Yep I watch TV in bed. You've seen my illustrations of it. :)

  8. I love the new look around here! It's great :)

    I used to have the same exact problem. When we first got married, I would want to leave the tv on at night, and my husband would want to turn it off. He won. After I started working 10 hour days, my sleeping problem stopped. If I have any trouble now, I'll read before bed. Usually as soon as I crack the book's spine, I'm snoring.

    Hope sleep finds you soon!

  9. Lesley I feel for you. I have been an insomniac for 2 decades. One of the only things that ever helps me is this cozy drink. Make it and drink this cozy/comfy drink in bed with the lights off (tv on is ok) by the last sip you will be almost asleep. Drink slowly and try to turn off your thoughts . Enjoy and let me know how it works out.

    Cozy Drink Recipe
    1 cup milk
    1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1 teaspoon ground cinnamon or 2 cinnamon sticks
    1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
    Sugar or Splenda

    Pour milk into a microwave safe mug
    Add in the spices and vanilla
    Heat for 1.5 to 2 minutes, but do not let the milk boil
    Add in sugar or splenda to taste

    Tuck yourself into bed and enjoy this cozy drink!

  10. This post cracked me up! Oh, oops, that's a no-no in Irish-English. Anyway, when I'm home alone or the hubby's coming home super-late I put on one of my tv shows on dvd that I've seen a million times. Golden Girls is awesome, by the way. Too bad I don't have that on dvd. Otherwise I try to read until I fall asleep.

  11. I can only imagine that without the tv in the room it must be really hard. Encouraging you to be strong!!! Once you get used to not having it in the room you will be ok. I've never had a tv in the bedroom and don't plan to. I've often wanted one there but have resisted. Just think more time for blogging!!!

  12. @KY--I may have to see if I can track some of that down!
    @Texa--I'm not a puzzly person BUT I'm willing to try it!
    @Christine--I'm intrigued by acupuncture.
    @Renee--I know its really weird lol.
    @KT--anything with cookies...yum.
    @Olivia--I know, that's what I keep hearing lol.
    @Lauren--yes I have
    @Katie--Thanks...For the Love of Blogs is responsible for that one lol
    @Calamity Kate--Thanks for sharing that!!! It is something I will def try!
    @true story--yes Golden Girls were the bomb.com. too bad they didn't make it a movie when they coulda lol
    @Ross--haha...I need more time for blogging! Amazing how time consuming it can be!

  13. The Golden Girls is sitcom perfection!