Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our bathroom hates me

Photo:  Google Image Search

So, remember this post?  The one where I discussed our toilet shooting out poop water?  Well, it has sorta  happened again...but, fortunately, it wasn't poop water this time although it did kinda look like it.

Monday, we had an old water tank disintegrate and spill onto our bathroom floor from the ceiling.  A water tank that was so old and rotten,it basically fell apart.  And with this falling apart came a flood of brown water all over our bathroom floor.  Now, we knew it was coming because we had some fellas here doing other water related work that just happened to find the faulty tank, so we were able to get our new goods and my scrumptious new shower curtain outta harm's way, but it leaves me thinking...does the bathroom here really hate me?  I mean, there is no other explanation, right?  Barry has lived in this flat for YEARS and nothing like this has ever happened to him and I've been here for five weeks and we've already had a poop water incident AND a rotten brown water incident! So why does it happen after I get here and make it all pretty in purple? You can read more about the pretty in purple thing here.

Perhaps the bathroom doesn't like all the new changes I've put it through.  Maybe it doesn't like the color purple, although, I can't think of why anyone or anything would NOT like purple?  It's awesome. 

Now, the super shitty part about this, aside from the fact that I have to once again clean the bathroom from top to bottom to eradicate the brown, rotten water stains that have set up camp all over the floor, walls, ceiling and even our towels, is that because the tank leaked through the bathroom roof,it has fried our bathroom light!  So, that means until we get that fixed, at night, we have to use the bathroom by way of candlelight or a flashlight (or a torch as the Irish would say).  Which means I have no light when it comes time to pluck away my black chin hair stare at my beautiful reflection.

Oh, but the bathroom won't win...oh no!  I will come out on top and I will show the bathroom who's boss 'round these parts because tomorrow, I'm going to Pound Stretchers and I am going to buy more purple stuff including a purple toilet brush and toilet seat.  Ha!  I'll show you bathroom! 

On another note, I have to say thanks to Rachel over at The Mean Girl Diaries for her rave review of my book!  Thanks, Rachel!  Go check out her blog...she's a funny gal!

Oh yeah, and I did it again with the language barrier thing.  Check out this post or this one for other language slip ups.  I told someone the other day that they "cracked me up," which Americans would take to mean as you make me laugh.  Here, however when someone says cracked me up, it means that they've made you angry!!  Ooops!  I certainly didn't mean to say that!  I think I need a slang dictionary so I don't offend anyone.  


  1. Hilarious? Yes. Shitty? Absolutely!

  2. Oh geez, how annoying (and gross!). What did you do to the toilet to have him hate you! haha. Hope it gets all worked out...mainly so I don't have to read another post that makes me want to gag, hahha, just kidding :)

  3. Sounds like we have something in common! The day we moved into our house we had something really funny happen to us. I asked my wife if she had started laundry downstairs because I could hear this very loud water noise. She says no! I go downstairs to find not only the toilet but the shower and a floor drain spewing poopy water about 3ft high. My first thoughts were welcome to your new house!!!! So your not alone!

  4. Maybe the toilet is just plain jealous of u! I mean u look hot, have one hell of a blog n get to go places while its just stuck there processing ur daily input of nutrition n cant blog evn in a thousand years to come!

  5. I can't get your book in any of the stores or libraries or even amazon.co.uk here! Gah!... If you have any extra copies on hand, I can PayPal you.

  6. @Texa--Sorry! I make myself gag too lol
    @Mollie--I'll send one to you!
    @Nabo--I'm gonna have to agree with you lol
    @Ross--oh my that sounds worse!

  7. Lesley, you have nothing to be "worried" about! Your book (and writing) is fabulous! My only question is when is the next book coming out?!

    PS) I feel you on the nasty bathroom cleaning. Cleaning the bathroom when it's not "really" dirty is like the worst thing in the world. I can't imagine brown poop colored water. Good on ya' girl!!!!

  8. I hope your bathroom gets over its attitude and starts treating you better!

    Showering/bathing by candlelight does sound romantic although I bet it would get old after a while (sort of like when you have to leave the bathroom door open when you shower because there is no vent fan gets annoying) :)

  9. You show that bathroom who's boss! Paint the walls purple!!!

  10. OMG poor you!! GO GIRL, show who's the boss!

  11. Oh no! Sorry to hear you're having so much trouble with the bathroom. I can only imagine how hard it is putting makeup on in the morning - esp. since you can't use your bathroom mirror.

    Yay for using words like "fellas" and "flat" (aka apt) though! :)

  12. P.S. - the pic of the potty made me giggle.