Sunday, May 15, 2011

All wrong

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Barry and I were out browsing yesterday at Dunelm Mill, a shop that sells household items, decorations, etc.  We meandered through the bathroom section and came upon a wall of bathroom scales.  Barry pulled a scale down, set it on the floor and climbed aboard.  Then I heard: "That can't be right.  Naw, that's wrong there, hi."  I looked down at the number he was locked in on--10.  He weighed 10 stone (there are 14 pounds in a stone for my American readers.  So he weighed 140 pounds).  Not much right?  At least in my opinion anyway.

Not pleased with his weight on scale number one, he pulled another scale from the wall and climbed on.  Then, I heard: "Something's wrong with these 2 scales here. Naw I've always weighed 8 stone."  I glance down and see the number 10 yet again before saying, "Well, they can't all be wrong."  After he went on to rationalize his two stone weight gain by saying the clothes he had on were heavy, big boots, etc. blah blah blah, I felt like smacking him. 

You see Barry has always had trouble gaining weight.  Until he quit smoking about a year and a half ago that is.  Of course, the half gallons of vanilla ice cream and half of a whole apple crumble in the evening for dessert doesn't help him much either as far as keeping his boyish figure.  I, on the other hand, have always had trouble keeping the weight off.  If I don't watch every morsel that passes through my lips and exercise til I'm blue in the face, I'll gain weight. 

Up until our recent trip to Dunelm Mill, I kept telling Barry his trousers were getting too small, but he didn't believe me all the time arguing that they weren't (even though he had red marks pressing in on his skin from his tight jeans and could barely breath).  I guess even men take weight gain hard.  Needless to say, next weekend we won't be browsing for household items again...nope, we'll be going trouser shopping for fat, I mean Barry. 


  1. Oh, poor widdle Barry. Welcome to the club. (insert snarky but sensitive comment about fat pants being the new club tshirt)

  2. This shouldn't please me...really, it shouldn't. But when men realize how unsettling it is to gain weight at the drop of a hat, it pleases me. Of course, he'll probably lose it easily. They always do :)

  3. I want a scale that weighs me in stones...I could handle seeing a 10 on the scale.

    I hate it when my husband complains about weight gain...especially when he is so insensitive to mine:)

  4. Haha, totally agree with cakeologist's comment, haha. Those guys are so lucky, they can gain and just as easily lose. Darn them!

  5. Haha...that's quite funny. My bf is always trying to gain weight and me trying to lose it, or at least not gain it. Rather annoying actually. Have fun pants shopping, and thanks for following my blog, so happy to have you as a reader!

  6. That's so true I only wish I had a scale that would show me a 10 even if it was a stone!! There used to be a day that I didn't gain and could eat everything. Now it isn't so. My wife and I over the last 6 months though have been changing a few ways that we eat and it's paying off. She's lost 80lbs and I've lost 20lbs.

  7. I completely agree with Cakelogist's and Texa's comments--weight in stones is such a less shocking number for us Americans :)

    J and I are both going to try to exercise more this summer as we both have put on some "love weight" over the years!

  8. I've only recently started watching my weight. HATE IT. >:(

  9. Ah stones... even after living in Ireland for six years, I never got used to the scales

  10. @Mollie--maybe I'll get him the tshirt for his birthday lol
    @Katie---it does me too
    @cake---yeah the stones are misleading lol. Kirstie Alley computed her weight loss in stones b/c it didn't seem as bad.
    @Texa--I know!
    @Lindsay--my pleasure!
    @Ross--Wow that's great!
    @KT--ah weight...that must be it for barry hahahaha
    @Erin Dawn---Yep sucks a big 'un
    @Sara Louise--I know I have to count on my fingers to figure it out lol.

  11. I want a scale that weighs in stones also. I'd be much happier with what it says! :p

  12. My boyfriend noticed that he was getting a lil on the chunky side, so now he and I are doing P90x together. After a week, his abs are starting to show. Me? Haven't lost a pound. Darn him.