Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The time machine gets it every time

Time machine. Google image search.

Barry and I were watching Dexter this evening.  This show has become our after dinner treat every night...we're on season four now so we're getting all caught up.  Anyway, there was a scene on today where Dexter was in traffic due to a sobriety checkpoint.  Instead of waiting in traffic, Dexter turned around.

Now, let's back up. Barry and I, just for some fun, have odd little discussions about which is better--Ireland or America.  Now, there's never a clear winner of course but it is something we have fun with.  It's all for fun...I'll repeat.  I like it here and would never say anything insulting and same goes for Barry.

So, after this scene where Dexter leaves the sobriety checkpoint.  Here is the conversation that follows between Barry and I:

Barry:  "Now if that were ti happen here, they'da [cops] wuda been after 'em, hi."
Me:  "Yep, they would chase them down in the States too for doing that."
Barry:  "Aye, but do they have dinosaurs in America?"
Me: (Confused) "Dinosaurs?"
Barry:  "Aye, 'cause yer always tryin' ti upstage me.  We have it here so America does, too."
Me:  (Rolling my eyes and laughing)  "Yes, we have dinosaurs in America to help chase the sobriety check point avoiders."
Barry: "So do we.  But, do ye have robots?"
Me:  "Yes, and we have time machines, too."
Barry: (long, silent pause) "Very good.  You win.  The time machine did it."

YES...I knew the time machine would help me win this one!

And....YES...these are the weird conversations we find ourselves having a little too often.


  1. At first when I was reading the convo I thought maybe the word dinosaurs was slang for something else in Ireland but after you started talking about time machines I figured out you were trying to one-up each other :)

  2. Ah yes... The one-upmanship rounds. Have had many, many of those since arriving here.

    (see what I did there? {side eye})

  3. Hilarious conversation. I like that you type your husbands in an Irish accent. Makes it way better!