Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I'm sort of in a funk.  The weather here has been pretty crappy for a few days and it is amazing how that can affect your mood.  I'm not depressed or anything like that.  It's just a weird, little, icky funk.  I mean, I'm fine.  But, I miss my friends and family a lot.  I miss having someone to do things with.  With the hubs working most of the time, I find myself wandering around the town aimlessly at times by myself until it's time to go teach Zumba.

I don't mind doing things alone, I actually enjoy it, but sometimes, it's nice to have some company.  It kind of sucks not having any friends to do things with, even if it is something as silly as going to Subway to eat a sandwich after a Zumba class.  Or, just going to my mom's house and sitting there watching television.  I'm having to start from scratch in the making friends department here and that is a little intimidating.  My good friends back in the States, well, I've had them for YEARS so I don't really know how to go about making friends. I'm rusty. Aquaintances, I've got it covered no problem, but good, solid, tell anything to friends, I haven't a clue.  Luckily, I do, for the first time have plans this weekend with some gals from Zumba class, so that has got me a little excited.   I'm also very excited that hopefully some family and friends  from the U.S. will be coming over to visit this summer!

Anyway, In between classes, I try to find things to keep me busy.  For example, I clean, or I work on new Zumba routines and listen to music to find new Zumba songs.  At times, I stand in the shop with Barry and just kind of hang around all the time being tempted by the wall of chocolate and gummies that rest behind me.  They all whisper my name constantly, ya know.  I suppose I could try and work on another book, but honestly, I have no desire to begin writing AT ALL.  I'm hoping the desire will come, but at this point, I'm not so sure. 

Otherwise, Zumba classes are going incredibly well!  We are running out of space in our room and unfortunately I've not been able to find a bigger room for us to go to.  I mean, it's a good problem to have and I'm so pleased so many people are loving the class, I'm just frustrated we don't have space to properly accomodate everyone.  So, I guess that is contributing to the funk.  I want to make everyone in class happy, but I'm afraid the space issue is working against me. 

Moving on.  To fight the funk and my raging home sickness, I've decided to focus on some things here in Derry that I've come to really enjoy aside from Barry and my Zumba classes, of course.

Number 1:  Baked Wotsits (These can be found next to the aformentioned wall of chocolate.  These have also been known to call my name.  I enjoy a bag a day.)

Number 2:  A red Bounty Bar. 

Number 3: A berry Five Alive drink

Number 4: The restaurants and any other type of food producer/manufacturers', etc. brilliant use of sweet chili seasoning/sauces and the salt and vinegar options for lower calorie crisps.

Number 5: I love that "Fuck" can be said on television here.  Everytime I hear it, it still shocks me. 

Number 6: I'm also enjoying the fact that I'm beginning to understand the Derryisms floating around.  Things like, "Yer Ma's yer Da" (the U.S. equivalent would be something like "Yo Momma"), "Mucker" (friend), "Whats the craic?" (What's going on?), "Yer a cabbage" (You're stupid), "Now yer suckin' diesel" (Now we're getting somewhere). For more, click here.

Number 7: Primark

Number 8: I like that everyone here gets really dolled up to go out to dinner.  I often feel like a slob in comparison, though.

Number 9: Marks and Spencer chocolate mousse.

Number 10: That you can venture to the town center at any given time and you'll always see people out and about.  This is far different than my hometown. 

I do realize the majority of these are food related...what can I say.  I likes me food. 


  1. Very interesting Lesley. I am sorry you are having a hard time adjusting. I did enjoy reading about the different types of food and Irish slang. I will say a prayer for you in hopes that things begin to become easier.

  2. They can say FUCK on TV over there?? Whoa. :D

  3. ^What she said. I need to move to Ireland stat.

  4. I hate funks and totally agree that weather so influences mood. I love the red bounty bar too!!

  5. The weather here has been crappy too. OKay you made me miss walkers chips so much when you put up that picture! haha Thanks for torturing me! haha

  6. I decided that the weather sorta picked up yesterday cos of your last blog post! Pity about the mega rain showers in between though.

    Making friends is the worst part about moving to a new country, you have to deal with culture differences and the whole wanting to be with your OH as well as wanting to have a social life apart from him. It sucks, I struggled with it majorly when I moved to England almost 6 years ago. I'm back in Derry now, and trying to adjust back into the swing of things myself!

    Your Zumbies think the classes are worth going to even if they are mega crowded. Its difficult, but it's been that way from the start and even though the first thing people say is that 'they're wile crowded' new people still pile into Pilots Row every week. You're just that good ;-)

  7. I can completely relate to being in a foreign funk! I also often try to make lists of things that make me happy where I am. Foreign snacks also make me happy, unfortunately. Especially the red bounty bar! It is nice to have your Zumba class though. That is how I started socializing, a bit, through going to language classes. It is not the same as having your amazing, friends for many years from home though. If you ever feel like venting about the lonely aspects of living in a foreign country, send me an email. I would love to listen, and complain right back. Not there is always a lot to complain about, but it is nice to get the feelings out.

  8. Hey, this post is very similar to some of my early ones. Wistful and potentially hopeful.

    I'm happy to be a sounding board for you. Heck, you could even make a day or two trip over here, iffn you want.

  9. @Kelsey--Thank you!
    @Erin Dawn--I know!
    @JessRaquel--Come on over!
    @Jodi--Defs better than the blue.
    @Alycia--My pleasure.
    @Sarawarawoo--you have no idea how that comment made my day :) Thanks!
    @Lindsay--I may take you up on that.
    @Mollie--sounds fun...think I need to plan a road trip...or boat trip...or maybe a plane lol

  10. Funks must be going around. I think you're incredibly brave to live somewhere new and completely foreign and far away from home. Yes, it'll be hard, but you can always remember what a brave and wonderful person you are for doing what others can only dream about and never have the guts to actually do.

  11. I still live in the town I went to college in (Penn State) and all my friends graduated and moved away. So my only option now is to make friends with co-workers which isn't terribly easy. But I found a couple that way. I hope you have more luck than I have!